Unlock unlimited sports

Unlock unlimited sports

Remember a few years ago, listening to music or using traditional wired earphones, and over the years with the continuous development of science and technology level, more and more true wireless Bluetooth headphones appeared in the market, without the bondage of wire rod really brings us a great convenience and convenience, technology is constantly updated, so meet the wireless Bluetooth in the market began to launch bone conduction Bluetooth headset, As the name suggests, bone conduction Bluetooth headphones do not need to be worn on the ear and have less impact on hearing than in-ear headphones.

Recently, Naenka has launched a new generation of bone conduction Bluetooth headset Runner Chic, which should be the third generation. It is believed that the sound quality and wearing experience will be greatly enhanced under the background of technological innovation. As for the Naenka bone conduction earphone Runner Chic, I think it is more suitable to wear in sports mode, without worrying about the influence of sweat erosion, and it is not afraid of falling when you take it out for exercise. Black and pink meet the selection needs of different age groups.

According to the official information, the headset is made of aviation grade material, which is not only non-irritating to the skin, but also lighter in weight. The whole body weighs only 28g, which is much lighter than traditional Bluetooth headsets and earlier products.

Because bone conduction Bluetooth headset is not need to plug on the ear directly, so different from traditional headset wearing way also, but through the skull, the frontal pass way, the transmission of sound to the auditory nerve, equivalent to skip the ears this module, this can not only hear influence the volume and long wear also won't appear the situation of the hearing. When wearing the bone conduction Bluetooth headset, it will not affect the external voice pickup, and can talk with others normally.

Then look at the hardware part, this headset is large size bone conduction unit, with their tuning set-up, triple frequency equilibrium penetrates the space there is a feeling, have a sense of place oneself among them, the headset also support hd voice noise reduction function, hands free at the same time also can reduce the noise from the outside environment, Unexpectedly, the bone-conduction Bluetooth headset also supports noise reduction.

Because of the fully enclosed design, the charging needs to rely on special magnetic charger for charging. Magnetic charging design can reduce the charging interface of such sports equipment due to sweat corrosion and increase its service life.

Finally, for the Naenka bone conduction headphones Runner Chic , the new generation of design will give people a bright thing. 

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