Naenka Runner Pro review: A really different new listening experience!

Naenka Runner Pro review: A really different new listening experience!

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Nowadays, the electronics industry is developing rapidly, Bluetooth earphones are no longer something new to ordinary people for a long time, but from the perspective of the development of the entire audio industry, Bluetooth earphones are still a new thing, although some high-end brands such as Sony, Qualcomm, Samsung, Apple, etc. continue to innovate, the sound quality of Bluetooth earphones still cannot catch up with traditional earphones, let alone newcomers in the field of Bluetooth--earphone bone conduction earphones. However, the bone conduction sports Bluetooth earphone Runner Pro from Naenka gave me a new understanding of bone conduction earphones.

Before reviewing the Naenka Bone Conduction Sports Bluetooth earphone Runner Pro, let's briefly talk about what bone conduction is. Simply, bone conduction is to converse the sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies, and to transmit the sound waves through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymphatic fluid, spiral organs, auditory nerve, and auditory center. Compared with the sound conduction of traditional acoustic headphones, bone conduction does not have to pass through the tympanic membrane, which can protect hearing; at the same time, bone conduction eliminates the step of sound wave transmission, which means that we can can still hear the sound of the earphone clearly in any occasion without affecting the communication with the outside world .

Well, let’s turn back to the Naenka Bone Conduction Sports Bluetooth Earphone Runner Pro. The color of Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphones is Legend Black which uses black packaging, on the front is the Naenka English LOGO rendered in golden fonts and the concept of bone conduction headphones ”Non-In-Ear Bone Conduction Technology"; on the back of the box is the rendering of the earphone, core selling points of products and the related information.

On the left side of the box is the Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone, and the accessory box for the manual, charging cable and soundproof earplugs are on the right. From the appearance, the Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone is made of memory aluminum alloy, silicone, and plastic. This is why it can be recovered after being bent; back-hanging earphones will hurt if they are worn for a long time, which is the indelible shortcoming of this design, so it is important to make the earphones lighter. The Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone weighs only 33 grams. The extremely light weight will not cause ear pain even if worn for a long time, and the surface of the earphone is covered with the silica gel, the whole touch is still very soft.

It is worth mentioning that the Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone can be fully adapted to the frames of glasses, and there will be no problems with wearing both earphone and glasses. And even if you jump, there is almost no movement, which is quite friendly for people who wear glasses like me.

In terms of detail design, the external of the left side is the Logo "Naenka", and the internal is the product information; at the bottom of the right side, from top to bottom, are the on-off button--press to switch on and off--and the volume increase/decrease button, the design of the entire button is not much different from similar products on the market. But the most surprising thing is the inner charging port, which uses a flat magnetic charging technology. Compared to the traditional charging port, it is not easy to bend and damage, not easy to dust, easy to clean, anti-oxidation, and enhanced waterproof effect, and extend the service life, but this also means that we must bring the Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone charging cable in addition to the traditional Type-C charging cable.

Since we are talking about the charging port, let’s take a look at the battery life of the Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone. Its battery capacity is 230mAh, the battery life is six hours, and the standby time is 240 hours, that is, ten days. From the actual use of the situation, after two hours of continuous use, the remaining power is 70%. Judging by  my one hour of exercise time per day, I can basically charge it once a week.

As a sports Bluetooth earphone, waterproof and sweat-proof are essential, after all, sweat is inevitable. Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone adopts seamless injection molding, fully enclosed cavity design and IPX8 waterproof and sweat-proof level to ensure that it can operate stably in various sports venues, even when swimming and bathing.

After all this, it's time to talk about the most basic quality of headphones--listening to music. The Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone comes with 8GB of internal storage. It means that we can store 1500 songs in the earphone, including WAV, FLAC, APE, MP3, WMA and other music formats. The earphone can be connected to the computer through the data cable to transfer data and store the songs, which is the memory mode of the Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone; of course, you can also connect to the device via Bluetooth for song playback, that is, the Bluetooth mode. In the current market of similar products, most of them only support the Bluetooth mode, and there are not many products that have both two modes at the same time.

For a long time, sound leakage is the inevitable problem of bone conduction headphones. The Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction headphones use a imporous body design and exclusive OT closed 2.0 sound leakage reduction technology to reduce 80% of the sound leakage, basically solve the sound leakage of most bone conduction headphones, so that the sound quality has also been greatly improved, and it can also have a good playback effect even in a noisy environment; with the new generation of vibration absorption technology, the same volume, less vibration, more comfortable to wear.

In terms of sound quality, the Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction earphone is equipped with a 16nm large dynamic unit. In conjunction with the new bone conduction technology, the sound field is more open. From the audition effect, the bass can be strong and powerful, while the mid-range and the treble is delicate and extremely penetrating, and the human voice is natural. Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction headphones are excellent enough in sound control.

Noise cancellation and latency are not the key points of bone conduction headphones, while the performance of Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction headphones are also very good in these two aspects. Bluetooth 5.0 technology can achieve game optimization. It can clearly locate the position of the “enemy” through the sound in the "Game for Peace", the perception of "enemy", the perception of footsteps from far to near is very obvious; and with the support of the CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction headphones can recognize human voices and noises, and can maintain a clear call in any noisy environment.

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As a middle-aged man, exercise has become part of my daily life. I rarely wear headphones before, because I often wear earphone when writing articles, and exercise time is the rare the time that I don’t need to wear earphone. With the Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction headphones, wearing the headphones for a long time will not hurt the ears, and the overall sound quality is maintained at a high level.

If there are shortcomings, I personally may prefer Type-C, but of course it doesn't matter if it is just used at home. Well, this is all the simple use method and experience of this bone conduction Bluetooth earphone. If you have any opinion about bone conduction earphones, welcome to chat together.

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