Steady, sound - free, first choice for beginners

Steady, sound - free, first choice for beginners

Human beings have never stopped wanting music. Is it normal for many people to have speakers at home and mobile phones and earphones when going out? However, with the change of cognition, many people think that in-ear headphones do a bit more damage to the ears, so there is a category of bone conduction headphones. What about bone conduction headphones? Today, I take you to know.

This bone conduction earphone is from Naenka. This is the third bone conduction earphone from Naenka, and the technology accumulation is quite rich. Like the previous box, the box, as always printed with the words of the Wind Boy, looks super hot.

As a bone conduction headset, there are not many accessories, except the data cable and manual, only the earplug. Earplugs are soft, and when you put them in your ear they block out external sounds, which makes them even more effective.

Bone conduction headphones are A Type of Bluetooth headset that can be worn in a way similar to a head wear, but much lighter. My south Carolina Runner Chic is pink and looks very pretty for girls. For boys, you can choose black.

The Naenka Runner Chic has a "hanging ear" design, which has a bump on the outside so the headphones don't fall off when you put them on your head.

The bone conduction earphone is designed without starting. The inner end of the earphone is soft, and it will not feel uncomfortable when it is close to the head.

The Naenka Runner Chic has a large frame, so there's plenty of room in the back for adult men like me, but no need to worry about wearing it for other ages.

It also has a flexible skeleton, which can be easily bent and quickly recovered when you let go.

The operation keys of the headset are set on the right side, and the three keys are raised on the body. Blind operation is not a problem.

Instead of a charging interface, this headset uses a more convenient charging contact, and the supporting data cable also has a magnetic suction function, which is very convenient to charge.

You can also see the appearance of the headphones the body design is tight, there is no charging hole, waterproof performance is very good. According to the official information, the headphones are IPX6 waterproof, so rain and sweat are not a problem.

The Naenka Runner Chic is stable enough to walk or exercise without falling off. The Runner Chic, which supports Bluetooth 5.0, has a very good connection distance and is very stable. Unlike other earphones, we can clearly hear the sound coming out of bone conduction earphones without going into our ears. Compared with the previous generation of products, this headset is indeed improved a lot, the author tested, even without wearing earplugs, the sound is relatively clear, no sound leakage felt. In addition, the author also tested the next call, although the transmission mode is different, but with the benefit of high definition noise reduction technology, both sides can still talk clearly. In terms of operation, as mentioned earlier, this headset uses push-button operation. Although there are only three keys, it is not a problem to cut songs and adjust the volume. It is still very convenient to operate. Finally, I'd like to talk about sound quality and endurance. The South Carolina Runner Chic uses a large size speaker, deep bass, fine mid frequency, wide high frequency, sound quality is quite good. Due to the limited body, Runner Chic only carries 150mAh lithium battery, which is not long, but it can play for 6 hours continuously.

As the third bone conduction earphone of Naenka -- Runner Chic, it has been greatly improved in terms of wearing stability, comfort and sound conduction. The affordable price less than $60 USD. If you're looking for a budget bone-conduction headphones, it will be a great choice.

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