TWS Sports Earbuds Naenka Lite Review: Outstanding in both performance and appearance.

TWS Sports Earbuds Naenka Lite Review: Outstanding in both performance and appearance.

The popularity of wireless earphones has not diminished, and there are many wireless earphone products on the market at present. I have experienced many wireless Bluetooth earphone products. Among the wireless headset brands, Naenka is one of the people's favorite. It has launched a variety of wireless headset products, and the speed of update iterations is also very gratifying, which satisfies different wireless headsets' needs. Today I will introduce you to Naenka's latest Lite sports Bluetooth headset, which continues Naenka's excellent performance in sound quality and a much better appearance.

Unlike the previous simple packaging design style, the Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset packaging is very exquisite. The gift-box packaging design style is suitable for personal use or as a gift. As written on the front, it is the best gift. Express your heart with music.


You can see the headset's relevant features, the product image on the back of the package. The product comes in two different colors- black and white. The one I got is black. The whole packaging is concise.


After opening the box, you will directly see the earphone charging compartment in the shock-absorbing sponge package. The earphones are inside the charging compartment. Instructions and power cords are in the upper accessory box. Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset is a semi-in-ear design, so earplugs and other accessories are not required.


The Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset charging compartment is small and light. Very comfortable to hold in hand, feels very smooth. Its is portable size allows you to put it in pockets or bags without any difficulties. The compartment's surface is designed as bright piano paint, which significantly improved the overall texture and appearance. Still, there are also embarrassments such as easy to leave fingerprints.

Naenka's LOGO is printed on the lid on the top of the front of the charging compartment, which has acceptable product identification. Below are four battery indicator lights arranged vertically, which are intuitive and straightforward.

The charging port of the charging compartment is located at the bottom and adopts the Type-C interface, making charging more convenient. The charging compartment has a built-in 350mAh battery, which can provide the headset with 3-4 charging needs, and there is no pressure in daily use.


It also has a Hall switch design. When you open the lid, the headset will power on and automatically connect to the paired device. There is no need to take it out or manually power it on, making it more convenient to use. The earphones and the charging compartment are charged with magnetic contacts. When placing in the charging compartment, earphones charge automatically, and they will be all set after 15 minutes of charging. You won't have to wait for too long.

The Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset with a semi-in-ear design. Compared with in-ear headphones, I prefer this semi-in-ear headset product, which is more comfortable to wear and use. The Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset single earphone weighs only 4g, making it easy to wear. It adopts an ergonomic three-point support design, which is more comfortable and stable to wear, even for relatively intense sportswear, without worrying about the embarrassment of falling off. Simultaneously, combined with its IPX5 waterproof performance, sweat is something you don't have to worry about. Let music accompany you while exercising. Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset uses Qualcomm 3020 Bluetooth 5.0 chip, combined with a ceramic antenna. It has excellent connection stability performance and has better low latency and music resolution performance, better-restored HD sound quality, and can also give you a huge advantage in games. Efficiently helping you recognize where the sound is coming from. The Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset also has good compatibility. It is compatible with both Apple, Android, and Windows.

You can see a prominent touch area on the earphones. Both ears can quickly change volume +/-, previous/next song, wake up voice assistant operations, and avoid mobile phone control while used in sports. It also prevents the ear canal's discomfort caused by physical buttons, such as squeezing and abnormal noise.


The Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset uses a 13mm liquid crystal polymer composite diaphragm (LCP) large-size unit with more space and a more open stereo sound, which makes the three bands more balanced. In terms of experience, the Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset is transparent and clear in high-frequency performance and has good sound recognition and sound field performance in mid-frequency, which can listen to music's rhythm well. In terms of low frequency, the Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset also performs well. You can feel the passion in different tune music.


The Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset's overall performance is still entirely satisfactory to me through my experience. Both the appearance and the essential sound quality are remarkable. Compared with products of the same price on the market, if you are not just "buying a headphone" but seeks better sound quality, Naenka Lite sports Bluetooth headset is still a recommended TWS headset product.


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