Dare you say wearing it when taking shower? Naenka Runner Pro can

Dare you say wearing it when taking shower? Naenka Runner Pro can

IP68 Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphone for Shower, Bathing, Swimming

I brought two headsets last year, one is for mobile phones, and the other is the Naenka Bone Conduction Sports Bluetooth headset Runner Pro. In fact, I rarely choose to participate in the evaluation, but I have tried various types of earphones, semi-in-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and in-ear earphones. I never tried bone conduction. As the Bluetooth headset field we are more concerned about, this bone conduction sports Bluetooth headset from Naenka is also a new product with outstanding performance.

Waterproof Bone conduction headphone Naenka Runner Pro

Traditional in-ear or semi-in-ear headphones may cause discomfort after being worn for a long time, and some may even cause piercing pain. When wearing  Naenka bone conduction Runner Pro, I feel so comfortable that I even forget I am wearing it.

Waterproof Bone conduction headphone Naenka Runner Pro

A little bit of dis-assembly, the black packaging looks solemn and elegant, and the atmosphere is stable. The picture was used as a primer on the back, and the characteristics of bone conduction were directly revealed.

 Waterproof Bone conduction headphone Naenka Runner Pro

The design of the earphone host looks very careful. It is designed according to ergonomics. It can be seen that the sealing is very good with professional waterproof, and born for sports. On both sides of the headset, there is a titanium alloy wire frame, and the ergonomic design ensures smoothness and stability. It works very well. Even wear glasses, you will not feel oppressed. For the fit of the ear, it can be said to be too comfortable.



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