The NAENKA LITE PRO is not only elegant in appearance but also excellent in sound quality.

The NAENKA LITE PRO is not only elegant in appearance but also excellent in sound quality.

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  • Due to the highly integrated design of smart-phones, more and more mobile phone manufacturers choose to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack. In this case, many Bluetooth headphones spring up like mushrooms, and they have achieved comprehensive development in terms of types, appearance design, and market positioning. For the average consumer, how to choose a bluetooth wireless headset? I recently got a Bluetooth headset priced about $60 - Naenka lite Pro, and I will share the experience of using it with you.




The whole packaging of Naenka lite Pro is off-white, feels a bit like Kraft paper, but very smooth. From top to bottom, the package's front is covered with words such as Naenka True Wireless Call Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset, NAENKA, express your heart with music, Best Gift... Looks concise with bronzing. On the back of the package, it is printed with the actual device image and the relevant functions and specifications.


After opening the package, we can see a white charging compartment and a long strip looking accessories box, in which the charging compartment is placed right in the middle. In the accessory case, there is a manual and a Type-C charging cord.


Product Testing


The charging compartment of Naenka LITE PRO is flat and round in design. The pure white compartment and a bright chrome strip make it look gleaming and promising. When you have it in your hand, it seems like you are holding a soft and smooth pebble.


NAENKA's Logo and a charging status indicator are placed on the charging compartment's front, while the bottom is where the Type-C interface is. From the adoption of the Type-C interface, we can see Naenka being considerate. After all, most families have Type-C cords in their homes, which is very convenient.


Have a careful look at the charging compartment, and we can quickly tell that Naenka Lite Pro uses the AirPod-like half-in-ear handle design, pure white body, look elegant and straightforward. Besides, upon closer inspection, Naenka lite Pro has two microphones designed on the inside and outside of the headset, which, judging from the instructions and actual wearing experience, are used for noise reduction to ensure the call's quality.


However, while experiencing the erabuds, I found a small flaw. The body of the Naenka Lite Pro is a bit slippery. Sometimes it is difficult to take it out from the charging compartment, especially for people with sweat stains or thicker fingers on their hands. Sometimes it's like trying to catch an eel. I would suggest the product to be optimized and improved in the future.


Wearing experience


In terms of wearing experience, the earplugs of Naenka Lite Pro can fit well with the ears, and the smooth and light body will not cause ear swelling even after a long time of wearing. Also, Naenka Lite Pro supports IPX5 level of dust and water resistance, which can effectively resist the erosion of sweat during sports to meet users' needs in various environments.



Operating experience

Like other real wireless Bluetooth headsets, the Naenka lite Pro can quickly match to the phone. You will just have to open the charging compartment after your first pairing to use it. It's also worth noting that Naenka lite Pro also supports a single-ear mode, which allows you to keep track of your surroundings while outdoors or while driving. Like most Bluetooth headsets, it's effortless to use.


  • The sound quality performance: Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2 and the custom 13mm large speaker driver, the Naenka Lite Pro has a stable connection to the phone and delivers excellent sound quality. For example, when listening to Taylor Swift "Love story" there is an undeniable noise reduction, very clear voice, and you could quickly recognize different pitches.



From the overall design point of view, both the charging compartment and the headset have an outstanding appearance level and feel comfortable wearing. And in terms of sound quality, it has shown its due level, even not worse than other higher-priced products. If you're looking to get your hands on a real wireless Bluetooth headset for around 400 yuan, the Naenka Lite Pro is worth a try definitely.


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