Top 5 Experience upgrades: Is the South Carolina Runner Chic worth buying?

Top 5 Experience upgrades: Is the South Carolina Runner Chic worth buying?

The natural nature of the bone conduction headphones means that they don't need to go into the ear canal and are designed to be sports headphones. What is bone conduction? To take a common example, when we eat, for example, we hear the sound of food cracking because the vibrations are transmitted through our teeth and skulls to our inner ears.

Today I introduce the South Carolina Runner Chic, let's see if this bone conduction headphones are worth buying?

Compared to the previous generation of products, bone conduction Runner CC II has the following five comprehensive experience upgrades:

1: Material upgrade, 28G light body, lighter and more comfortable;

2: Battery life upgrade, 6 hours of battery life;

3:Waterproof upgrade, magnetic charging, seamless design, waterproof worry free;

4:leakproof upgrade,close process, south Carolina patent leakproof, small vibration, less sound leakage;

5: Sound quality upgrade, large size bone conduction horn, open space, excellent sound.

Without further comment, I would like to elaborate on the experience of using South Carolina Runner CC II from the above five aspects. In terms of appearance and material, I got the Deland black model. It is reported that the headphones are available in two colors: dogwood powder and Deland black.

The packaging box and earphone design are unified with color matching, simple and standard design, which is very recognizable to South Carolina. Especially, the nanIC LOGO on the front and the words "High Wind Youth CC II" are engraved, which will not make you feel aesthetic fatigue because of the homogenized appearance design.

Take out all the accessories, although the items are not many, but complete, in order to have an ear cap, a magnetic suction charging wire, a manual. What is worth praising is that the charging data line is magnetic suction design, which is undoubtedly a plus for the product.

1) About materials

Take out the main body of the earphone. Like most bone conduction earphones in the market, this earphone adopts ergonomic design, and the unique three-point human ear support structure is carefully designed to suit the shape according to the head shape, making it convenient for you to wear.

In addition, the rear hanger of the fuselage is made of high-strength titanium alloy material. After many actual operations, it is found that even after we knead it, the rear hanger will still automatically recover, bending without deformation, which is really 100 times of folding.

Small body in the hand found really light, it is reported that the net weight of the headset is 28g. Light body it can release the burden of the ear, give you from the inside to the outside of comfort, long wear no pain.

In terms of material, the earphone body uses air-grade food-grade silicone, which is a skin-friendly material. The South Carolina Runner CC II will not suffer from prolonged discomfort due to its lightweight body and special materials.

2) About battery life

There are three physical buttons and a light on one side. Although there is only "on key, volume + volume - key", but it is enough, with breathing indicator light to check the working status of the machine.

Built-in 1500mAh battery, 100 minutes full charge, can use 6 hours, standby state up to 10 days. In terms of battery life, it has a good 6 hours of battery life, which is a big upgrade over the previous generation.

3) About waterproof

In terms of waterproof, this headset has been designed in some details, mainly reflected in the following points:

First, there are magnetic contact points on the inside of the body. In the actual experience, I found that the charging head will automatically attach and connect to the charging place of the headset through magnetic force as long as it is close to the charging place of the headset. Such a design, the biggest advantage to solve the traditional charging way jack plug easy bad, easy to water defects.

Second, the fully enclosed seamless fuselage design, and support IPX6 waterproof and dust-proof technology, waterproof and rainproof, splash proof, guarantee your movement without worry.

4) About leakage prevention

Compared with the previous generation of products, this headset adopts a tight no-hole sound leakage fuselage design process and the exclusive OT closed sound leakage reduction technology 2.0, which reduces the sound leakage phenomenon by 80%. In summary, it has less vibration and less sound leakage.

In addition, the headset is equipped with human ear locking technology to better fit the ear, comfortable and stable without falling off. For people who like sports, we don't have to worry about dropping headphones while jumping in sports, and we don't delay communicating with others while listening to music.

5) About sound quality

Press the power button on the headset, turn on the phone's Bluetooth, and search for a device named "Nank-Runner CC II" for a quick pairing.

After the Bluetooth connection is successful, when you listen to the Runner CC II, you will find that the biggest feature of the Runner CC II is that it does not plug the ear. Because this bone-conduction technology does not block the air from transmitting sound waves, it can also easily communicate with people around you while listening to music or studying through headphones.

Finally, let's summarize the experience of the $299 South Carolina Runner CC II.

As sports headphones, the appearance have a dogwood powder and virtuous orchid black two colors, meet the different needs of boys and girls on the color, of course, the most critical needs or performance and use of the scene, the use of mobile phones to listen to music or answering the telephone, etc., this headset has protected the ear health, not plug your ears, no blocking by the ear, it does not hurt the eardrum, give you health and comfortable listening experience, Avoid the awkwardness of being yelled at many times but not heard. Finally, what do you think of these headphones?


1) From the material, battery life, waterproof, leakproof, sound quality, five experience upgrades:

2) 299 price and high cost performance;


1) Compared with a thousand-yuan bone conduction headset, such a configuration is only entry-level because of the price;

2) At present, there are only two kinds of appearance color matching. It is suggested to add several more.

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