Another update for Black Tech: The South Carolina Runner Chic Bone conduction Bluetooth headset review

Another update for Black Tech: The South Carolina Runner Chic Bone conduction Bluetooth headset review

Review model: South Carolina Runner Chic Bone conduction Bluetooth headset

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Machine cost performance: ★★★★☆


Since its establishment in 2017, Nank has been precision in the audio equipment it is good at. After years of operation, it has gained a very good reputation and image. In today's red sea of domestic headphone brands, it has still gained a market space of its own. It has to be mentioned that it has good sensitivity to product precision orientation, quality control, outstanding design and market orientation. Whether it is TWS headset, bone conduction headset or wireless charging bank, all products are moving forward steadily.

As the bone conduction technology that just emerged in recent two years, IT is believed that the majority of players should be familiar with this term. They have not been exposed to or heard such a term. The new generation of bone conduction technology transmits the sound to the auditory nerve through the skull and frontal bone to cause hearing, skipping the outer ear and middle ear; Without blocking the transmission of sound waves through the air. In 2019, the SOUTH Carolina Bone conduction earphone won the shenzhen Gift Award, and now it brings us the second generation bone conduction earphone, the South Carolina Runner Chic.


◆[Packaging] Simple black packaging design in line with the consistent tone of the earphone products, the front of the South Carolina brand LOGO and south Carolina bone conduction earphone a few words come into view; The side is hd music, waterproof, ultra-light body, battery life and so on, and the back is also a routine feature and parameter introduction.

◆ The inner package is opened by pushing and pulling up and down, and the body of the headset and the accessory box come into view. The ring design is similar to the earmuffs. The shape of the earphone ring is set off by the white background.

◆[design sense] Similar to most of the rear-hanging sports headphones we see, but the difference is that the earplug Runner Chic is not in-ear, but placed outside the ear at the frontal bone, through the frontal bone to transmit the sound to the auditory nerve to cause hearing. The benefit of this design is that the ear can receive more sound sources, effectively protecting the eardrum. The physical keys, contacts, and battery are placed in the thick area on the left and right ends.

◆[Workmanship] The whole headset is made of frosted plastic process, and the gap at each interface is uniform. It is difficult to see the interface without careful inspection. There is no burr and the cheap feeling of plastic products we saw before, and the overall workmanship is excellent. Compared with the previous generation, the charging interface is upgraded to contact type, which effectively improves the sense of quality and waterproof treatment, and supports IPX6 waterproof and dustproof.

◆ The package box is respectively earphone, contact type charging wire, earplug, instruction manual;


◆ Sound quality: Compared with the first generation, the new bone conduction technology, with a larger size of bone conduction horn, and after the Toronto master conditioning, realize the bass rich, fine in the middle frequency, high frequency penetration of open space. The overall sound quality is indeed better than that of the first generation, but the actual process is still different from that of traditional in-ear headphones, so there is still room for improvement.

◆[Noise reduction] With hd call noise reduction function, no need to manually open. We chose the vegetable markets and stores the most noisy place as a test scenario, through actual testing, answering the phone there is a noise reduction effect, but because of not in-ear, leading other voice will enter at the same time, need extra brain distinguish, heard the voice of the other party is more clear, the other party to hear there will be noise, At present, neither bone conduction nor TWS headphones can be achieved without a bit of noise, and Runner CC II meets this price level.

◆[link] connections provide the bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, cooperate with ceramic antenna signal transmission is more stable, faster, and a lower delay, the measured game "king glory" and "battlefield stimulation", delay and other headsets, bluetooth 5.0 there will be a slight delay, but can be neglected, if not carefully listen to it very difficult to detect.

◆[Sports] In terms of sports, due to the use of Bluetooth 5.0, the transmission distance is further, supporting the distance of about 10 meters, enough to move back and forth in the gym without the need to take the phone. In addition, it supports the function of IPX6 waterproof and dust-proof, and the equipment can not be damaged by sweat and ordinary dust, so it will be more assured. The ergonomic design doesn't slip off when running, and the fit is just as good.

◆[Power] Built-in 150mAh battery, in the actual test case, it takes 1 hour and 28 minutes to charge from no power to full charge, and in the actual use condition, it played continuously for 6 hours and 13 minutes before it completely ran out of power. Due to the limited evaluation time, the whole battery still has power after more than a week, which should not be too much deviation from the official promotion of standby for 10 days. The indicator light is used as the indicator, which is blue in normal state and red in feed.

◆[Portability] The weight of 28g is not heavy to carry, and the volume is not collapsible. The earphone is packed in several rings, so it cannot be stuffed into a pocket. Instead, it needs to be carried with a backpack or other items, which greatly reduces the portability.

◆[Secrecy] Because of the external headset, many of the bone conduction headphones will cause sound leakage and sound playback, resulting in privacy leakage. NANK is equipped with exclusive sound leakage elimination technology, through the combination of hardware and software to control the sound leakage, greatly inhibit the sound leakage, closed structure optimization technology - no holes and no gaps on the back of the design, to avoid the speaker amplification phenomenon.

◆[Physical button] Different from the touch button provided by other headphone brands, Runner CC II still uses physical button, which has the advantages of reducing mistouch and faster feedback speed. Volume +-, play pause, answer and hang up the phone, voice assistant and other keys can be realized, the overall feedback texture is favorable.


  1. Advantages:
  • Upgraded bone conduction technology, no ear, large size horn, more comfortable and convenient.
  • Cost-effective, 299 price compared with foreign brands more cost-effective.

Compatible with multiple platforms and multiple devices, IOSAndroid, WINMAC and other devices can be seamlessly connected.

  • Bluetooth 5.0, more stable, longer connection distance.
  • NANK sound leakage elimination technology, exclusive combination of hardware and software, closed structure optimization, to avoid the speaker amplification phenomenon.
  • HD noise reduction, noisy environment whether making or receiving calls, can clear call.
  • Light weight, the Runner CC II weighs only 28G compared to the 30-40g weight of conventional bone conduction headphones.
  • Physical buttons, reduce delay and avoid mistouch, worthy of praise.
  1. Suggestions:
  • Adaptation: Bone conduction Since the headset is located outside the ear, players who are used to traditional earphones will need to get used to it for some time.
  • Portability can also be improved. The headset cannot be folded, and the overall outline is larger, so it cannot be put in the pocket. There is no delivery case for the headset.
  • There is still room for improvement in sound quality. Compared with traditional in-ear headphones, bone conduction headphones need to be greatly improved in terms of sound quality.
  • The battery is still limited. Although the large battery design can use for 6 hours, it is still unavoidable for heavy headphone lovers to charge one or two per day. Compared with THE TWS headphone with charging case, it still has certain disadvantages.

Summary, buying advice and thanks

As a small domestic audio factory, Nank uses its limited resources in the field it is good at, and gradually wins a good reputation in the TWS Bluetooth headset market, and also launches sincere products in the new technology of bone conduction.

The price of 299 matches the positioning of this product, and even has a cost-effective price, compared with the starting price of 600-1000 of foreign brands. New technology, features, differentiation and cost performance can bring a good market to this device, which solves the awkward pain points of in-ear headphones without losing sound quality experience. With the support of better sound quality, Bluetooth 5.0, NANK sound leakage elimination technology and other technologies, it can be started in the field of bone conduction headphones.

Finally, we would like to thank ZAKER for the product review, the support of the machine team, the choice of the machine girl, and the products from Nank. We have reason to believe that ZAKER will bring us more interesting products and experience activities in the future, and we are looking forward to having the opportunity to experience more products.

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