Naenka RunnerPro Bone Conduction Headphone Review

Naenka RunnerPro Bone Conduction Headphone Review

Naenka RunnerPro Bone Conduction Headphone


We know that when we listen to the music, sound can not only be transmitted to our ears through the eardrums, but also can be transmitted to our ears through bone conduction. This is one of the reasons why noise-canceling headphones cannot completely eliminate external sounds. Today I am gonna introduce Naenka bone conduction headphones, Runner Pro, which transmit sound into your ears through our skull, bypassing the eardrum to keep the ear clean, reducing the growth of bacteria. This is my first time to use the bone conduction headphones, and let us see how that works.

It was a black box, the first time I saw the headset, very classic and stylish. We can see Naenka pay much attention on the Packing box. There is a charging cable, instructions and a pair of earplugs in the accessory box. Naenka Runner Pro is born for sports, supporting IPX8 waterproof. The whole earphone is seamlessly injection molded and has good performance in harsh environments. The Antioxidant Nano on the chip is added to prevent water. So it can be worn even when swimming or bathing without worrying about water ingress.

For bone conduction headphones, the biggest concern for consumers to choose their headsets is the sound leakage problem. If you leak sound while using this headset, and you can be heard by people next to you while listening to music or voice messages, it will be very insecure for your personal information and privacy.

And Naenka Runner Pro uses the exclusive OT leak-proof sound 2.0 technology, which reduces the vibration of bone conduction sound and also improves the quality of music. It effectively reduces the leakage of sound by 80%, and there is no need to worry about the occurrence of leakage.

For bone conduction headphones, wearing comfort is also very important. Just imagine that you feel uncomfortable wearing headphones while exercising, it will bring you a bad experience.

As for Naenka Runner Pro, weighted 33g there is no ear pain when I have used it for a long time. Meanwhile, when I exercise outdoors, I can still hear the sound of the surrounding background, so I don’t have to worry about the danger of car accident.

Naenka Runner Pro has three buttons, power button, volume + and volume -. Through these three buttons, you can switch the mode, call voice assistant, increase and decrease the volume, and switch the song.

Naenka Runner Pro uses magnetic charging, minus the trouble of plugging and unplugging the charging port, it can last up to 240 hours, which can fully meet the needs of consumers.

In terms of sound quality, Naenka Runner Pro uses a 16mm large aperture drivers, making sound more open, the bass thicker, and sound shocking and layered. Each drum beat is transmitted to the ears through the vibrating bones, and the middle and high pitches are delicate and penetrating. At the same time, Runner Pro comes with 8G storage, which can store at least 1500 pieces of music, so you can play music without carrying a mobile phone for Bluetooth connection during exercise.

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