South Carolina Runner Chic Review: Have you ever tried a bone-conducting headset for non-inductive wear?

South Carolina Runner Chic Review: Have you ever tried a bone-conducting headset for non-inductive wear?

To be over in May, the weather is getting better and better, he wanted to go out to run a run, with too much headsets, sensorimotor, bone conduction is more convenient, safer, just received south Carolina bone conduction Runner Chic bluetooth headset, as the second generation of CC series of headphones, what are the notable aspects, might as well together and see it.

【 Appearance and Design 】

South Carolina Runner Chic adopts black puller packaging box. The simple packaging style on the front reflects the calm of Chic, which is just suitable for me who is not making public

The back of the box is the product rendering picture, black, white and gray color matching, although the tone is simple, but can not press full of youth.

What I got was the Dran black color matching. When I opened the box, I could see the headphone host stuck in the mold, while the white box in the middle was for the independent packaging of accessories.

As a bone-conducting headset, the South Carolina Runner Chic comes with a pair of yellow sponge earplugs to ensure that you can enjoy music even in a noisy environment.

While most of the bone-conduction headphones I've used have been MicroUSB charging solutions, the South Carolina Runner CC II comes with a magnetic charging solution, and the cable that comes with the package says it all.

The packaging of South Carolina Runner CC II is very tight. This simple and direct fixing method has really good protection effect, and users do not have to worry about possible wear and tear caused by transportation.

The logo of NANK is printed conspicuously on the left side of the earphone body. The rounded artistic font echoes the groove design of the earphone body at a distance. The designer's brand awareness is still very strong.

On the right side of the body, there are three physical keys, which are respectively responsible for switching on and off the machine and controlling the increase or decrease of the volume. For sports headphones, I personally prefer the physical keys, which do not have to worry about sweating and cannot be touched when using.

The two contacts on the inside of the headset are the charging interface, which have corresponding magnetic poles with the charging wire. Moreover, they are obviously repulsed when the headset is installed in reverse, and instantly fit when the headset is in formal wear.

Bone conduction horn is covered by food grade silicone and plastic material. Under the round shape design, there is a long and narrow groove on the outside, which is well decorated with the horn, so that it will not be dull and mediocre.

For those of you who have used the South Carolina bone conduction headphones, the South Carolina Runner Chic's design feels familiar at first sight, and it also adds youth to the South Carolina family.

【 Use and listening sense 】

For the first time, it is the same as other Bluetooth headsets. Long press the power button until the indicator blinks, and then connect to the mobile end to complete the pairing. The rest is to play.

To remind you, The South Carolina Runner Chic supports drag two function, which is to connect two phones, the operation method is very simple, the first phone is connected to close the phone, then connect the second phone, and then reopen the first phone, so that the two phones can switch to share a headset.

The power button itself is a multi-function button, can answer or reject a call, can play and pause music when listening to music, at the same time, long press the volume button can achieve song cutting, this common operation I will not repeat, very easy to use.

The South Carolina Runner Chic is made of aviation-grade materials and weighs just 28g, a lightweight design that maximizes the weight-free wear experience. Runner Chic uses a high-strength titanium alloy rear hanger, which is highly ductile. It can be restored to the beginning when it is bent by force, and it does not have the discomfort of collet when worn.

It's a headset, after all, and the focus is on sound quality. Thanks to the large bone conduction speaker, the Runner Chic has a good volume, which will definitely allow you to hear outdoor conversations clearly.

In terms of the actual feeling of listening to music, Runner Chic's performance is in the standard. Due to its own upgrade OT2.0 to prevent sound leakage, it has smaller vibration and can reduce sound leakage more. Although the listening sense cannot be compared with the thousand-yuan earphones, it can make you feel comfortable enough.

In addition to the charging interface with waterproof magnetic charging scheme, Runner Chic also has IPX6 waterproof and dust-proof, in the coming hot summer, even sweat sports, can also be made.

In addition, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 low power chip and the 150mAh battery, the Runner Chic can last up to six hours in normal use, which is enough for a good workout.

[Summary and Evaluation]

In general, as a bone conduction earphone of less than 300 dollars, it has solid workmanship and good sense of wearing and using, which is worth the money in my personal feeling. For users who try bone conduction for the first time, it is a new choice.

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