South Carolina Runner Chic bone conduction headset experience, sports wear more fan

South Carolina Runner Chic bone conduction headset experience, sports wear more fan

Say bone conduction headphone, it had to south Carolina, south Carolina is notoriously headset maker, what types and models of headphones, the south Carolina and new bone conduction headphones, is south Carolina Runner Chic bone conduction headphone, it is then the former card Runner CC bone conduction headsets upgrade products, upgrade the what? Mainly has five aspects, respectively is leakproof upgrade, life upgrade, material upgrade, waterproof, sound quality upgrading, we'll take a look at my experiences here, here also thanks again gold evaluation platform, to give the review of the products.

In accordance with the practice, or to make a simple box first, from the perspective of the packaging of the product, of the south Carolina Runner Chic bone conduction headphone, more delicate and a lot of, in the packing and compared before packaging, completely is two kinds of style, the front of the product brand and the product model, the back is related parameters and related product information.

When the packing box is opened, the accessories of the product can be seen, which mainly consist of the product body, magnetic suction charging cable, earplugs and instruction manual.

Obviously, the Runner Chic is an improvement on the look and look of the Runner Chic, which is a bit more stylish. It's made of aircraft-grade materials that reduce the body weight, and skin-friendly food-grade silicone that gives you comfort from the inside out.

The original headset switch operation is in the headset sound cavity shell, this is also to remove the switch button, so that the overall more beautiful, anyway, I am very like this design style.

As for the sound cavity, it is equipped with a large bone conduction horn, which makes the sound quality better under the adjustment of Toronto music masters. Meanwhile, the earphone is also equipped with the technology of eliminating sound leakage, which can reduce the vibration sense of bone conduction and improve the sound quality at the same time.

The function button of the earphone is also moved to the side this time, which is more humanized. There are power on and off keys, volume + and - keys, and the raised design is adopted, so the key is more convenient to use.

In terms of battery capacity, it is still a 150mAh lithium battery with Bluetooth 5.0 low power chip. It takes about 100 minutes for a full charge, which can be used for 6 hours continuously and the standby time is 10 days.

The design of the rear is relatively fine, but the strength is higher, the titanium alloy is made of skin-friendly material, with 360° anti-violent bending ability, according to the state of the head type adaptation, knead soft still can automatically recover, to achieve 100 bending.

The Runner Chic bone conduction headphones also have IPX6 waterproof and anti-perspiration capability, so they can be effectively used to prevent splashing, perspiration, etc., which will not damage the headphones during heavy perspiration.

In terms of sound quality, the Runner Chic bone conduction headphones are really good in terms of sound quality and feedback. They can give you the surge and power of the music, and the main thing I think is that with bone conduction headphones, no matter how long you listen to music, it won't hurt your ears.

For calls, the Runner Chic bone conduction headphone comes with a microphone, which requires no cell phone operation. The headphone can be picked up with one click, and the hd noise reduction technology enables clear calls even in noisy environments.

On wear, south Carolina Runner Chic bone conduction headphone is also adopted in the design of human body engineering, let wear more solid, such as running, badminton, cycling, such as strenuous exercise, release the hands, so I and practical experience, through the test run laps, ran the two laps down, is still very strong, in sports wear, Really good, very suitable for sports wear use.

South Carolina Runner Chic bone conduction headphones also use an innovative Bluetooth 5.0 chip + ceramic antenna + signal enhancement to make the transmission more stable, faster, stronger anti-interference ability, even in a large number of people can also be stable.

In general, south Carolina Runner Chic bone conduction headphone is very good, the product is also I prefer to upgrade, whether it is the essence of the process or product is very good, in the use of wear feeling also is very good, very stable, not easy to fall, on the quality, although many think bone conduction headphone not just hear a loud, Indeed, I also thought so before, but after actually using the south Carolina bone conduction headphones, I felt that I could still hear dynamic music without going into the ear.

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