The Best Headphones for Running, Cycling and Swimming

The Best Headphones for Running, Cycling and Swimming

I love running very much, especially during the holidays when I like to meet my friends to go running together. With more and more friends running with me, we will discuss running posture, speed and equipment, etc..

One of my friends has been running for more than a year, and according to her, it was with my encouragement and help that she persevered, and running has changed her life a lot. Of course, I don't think it was running that made her change, but her own ability to keep moving up that made her change. Not long ago, when she learned that her mild fatty liver had disappeared during her medical checkup (she felt that running was a great contribution), she enthusiastically sent me a gift, which made me flattered.

Because we usually like to discuss equipment together, she sent me a sports headset this time. The gift of equipment to each other has become a special way to maintain the relationship between running friends. Although I have a few headphones, I was still looking forward to it because gifts from friends are the most precious.

As soon as I got the gift I couldn't wait to open it. The exquisite box gives the product an elevated sense of quality.

Since I received the gift I have been using it every day, let me talk about their actual feelings of use.

In my opinion, a high-quality running headset needs to have the following characteristics.

Stability: This is the most basic requirement. Because the movement is not like the usual sitting in front of the computer, stationary. Usually running is also not just on the track, but there may be many potholes on the road. Like myself, I prefer outdoor trail running.

Waterproof: Sports headphones waterproof this I personally think is more important. Not to mention the possibility of outdoor sports rain, on this hot summer day, sweating like rain scenes are staged at times. Sweat is very corrosive, into the internal headset will corrode the electronic components. A friend of mine's Apple headset is so scrapped. The appearance of good is unusable.

Comfort: This feature believes that both sports headphones and ordinary headphones are very important. Weight is also the smaller the better, after all, if it is too heavy for a long time to wear will bring discomfort and increase the burden of running, especially in the long distance. If the weight is smaller, then the less discomfort we will bring, the better the comfort.

Safety: When it comes to safety, many people may not care much. Why is that? Because many people's disdain may lead to a lot of safety hazards. For example, when I road running, I will basically run to the place where there are few people and cars to prevent myself from hearing the environment and cause danger. Many times running is a lonely sport, so many people like to listen to music running.

Combined with some of the characteristics of the above running headphones, say Nanka Runner Diver this bone conduction sports headphones use feelings.

First of all, in terms of wearing comfort, wearing basically no feeling. Light weight, I wear glasses, first put on the headset, then put on the glasses, the headset's presence is much lower than the glasses. Because of the light weight, wear basically no feeling. This is really important. Because when you wear a little heavier weight, it may lead to very tired ears. This headset is hanging ear type, hanging ear type is different from the in-ear type will not feel tired after wearing for a long time, and will not feel ear pain.

Second, Naenka Runner Diver is bone conduction headphones, if you are a heavy user of headphones, then bone conduction is most suitable. Bone conduction headphones for hearing damage is less, long time to wear the ear will not hurt. And safety, if it is in the playground or closed area may not be so concerned, but if the road running, especially in the city road running then should need to pay attention to this aspect, after all, every run, is to arrive at the end.

Many times I run without the phone. This headset can also be used when you do not have a cell phone. For a long time I was listening to music with my sports watch connected to my headphones. This also allows you to run without your phone and listen to music. But the watch may be used for a long time, Bluetooth sometimes feel not very sensitive, intermittent, after all, affect the mood of listening to songs.

When I got this headset, my friend and I said that this headset can listen to music without connecting to the phone. At that time also puzzled, not connected to the phone how to listen. When you get a look to know that this headset actually comes with 16G memory, you can store thousands of songs. So many songs to listen to the next round of words, not to mention daily running, even when the race a few marathons are run down.

Many people may be wondering how the sound quality of bone conduction headphones. Other headphones I dare not say, the sound quality of this headset I am personally satisfied, especially in the bass, although not as good as the in-ear processing, but not much less. Of course, if you are a professional musician, it's a different story.

Magnetic charging jack design, in order to make the headphones have an absolute seal. Because the headphones are designed to be waterproof at IPX8 level. Such a level of waterproof for swimming enthusiasts is also a blessing, because this headset even wearing swimming is also no pressure.

That day I ran the half-mar, from 5 pm until more than 7 pm, plus midway to refill the water, more than two hours of time, has been using this headset. Accompany me the whole run down. No ear pain, no low battery, if it is other headphones may not perform so well. The next time I run a long distance, this headset is my first choice.

All in all, this headset performs well in terms of stability, safety, comfort of use and longevity. Its manufacturer NAENKA is a set of R & D, production, design, sales as one of the new power headset brand, is currently one of the fastest growing headset brands in China, has released a number of good quality Bluetooth headset, in many brands are still limited to Bluetooth 4.0 chip, NAENKA innovation using Bluetooth 5.0 chip true wireless headset, leading the Bluetooth headset industry to Bluetooth 5.0 Times, which NAENKA bone conduction headset (I wear this) is a winner of the ''2019-2020 Shenzhen gift'' award, become the benchmark to lead the bone conduction headset industry. Thank you, my friend, for giving me such a great gift, and I hope we can all run together. Meet the best version of yourself in sports.


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