Naenka Runner Pro: Born for sports

Naenka Runner Pro: Born for sports

I wonder if you have developed a good exercise habit? Exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also make your body and mentality more youthful, which has many advantages and no harm. But the process of exercise is always boring, long-distance running and other sports require us to have tenacity. Therefore, listening to music during fitness has become a habit of many fitness enthusiasts. It can divert attention, eliminate fatigue, and help us adapt to boring exercise as soon as possible.


Most of the common Bluetooth headsets on the market claim to be able to do "listening to music while exercising at the same time". Unfortunately, a plenty of the Bluetooth headsets will slip out of the ear canal due to excessive sweat, and even bring sweat into the ear canal, which is not only unhygienic , but is also easy to cause ear canal infection. Wearing in-ear headsets for a long time is not good for the ear canal. In addition, the headsets themselves have a certain noise reduction effect. If we encounter an emergency, we simply can not hear outside sounds at all, which can be dangerous.

On the recommendation of a friend, I got the Naenka Runner Pro. It is said that this is a bone conduction Bluetooth headset with a better wearing experience, which can perfectly solve the shortcomings of in-ear headsets. It is a headset that is truly made for sports. So how does it feel about using Naenka Runner Pro? Let us take a look!

 First of all, we need to know what a bone conduction Bluetooth headset is. Unlike common in-ear headsets, bone conduction headsets can transmit sound waves directly to the inner ear cochlea through the temporal bones. You only need to hang it on the ear. On one hand, it allows us to hear pleasant music, and the sound quality and sense of sound can also be guaranteed. On the other hand, one can use it without putting into the ear canal. At this time, the ear canal is open, although this Bluetooth headset also has a certain noise reduction capacity, But the is relatively small, we can easily hear the warning sounds from the outside world, and it is safer to go out for fitness.


 Naenka Runner Pro is available in black colors, stable and deep. Naenka Runner Pro has relatively few accessories. In addition to the headset, it is equipped with a magnetic charger and spare earplugs, as well as a manual. As bone conduction Bluetooth headsets can hear music without being placed into the ear canal, many people are worried about whether the headset will leak sound or vibrate too much. In fact, I also had such concerns before I bought it, but Naenka Runner Pro did bring me a good using experience and dispelled all my doubts.


 Naenka Runner Pro adopts a new non-porous sound-leakage reducing body + closed sound-leakage reducing 2.0 technology. The body is made of one-piece injection molding process, which can be 100% free of sound leakage gaps. Others can hardly hear any sound even close to our ears. One can wear it without worrying about sound leakage. What’s more, Naenka Runner Pro also specially uses vibration and sound sensing technology, which means that the vibration frequency of the headset is reduced as much as possible, so that it will be more comfortable to wear.


 Since it is a sports headset, it must be ensured that it will not fall off during exercise, that is to say, it must have strong stability and compactness, both light and fit. The built-in memory titanium alloy frame of Naenka Runner Pro is quite stable, even if it is bent 360 degrees, it will not be deformed. The surface of the headset speaker and frame is also specially covered with an anti-oxidation coating, which is really superb. It is friendly to the ears, and you won’t feel discomfort even if wearing for several hours.It is precisely because the Naenka Runner Pro adopts a full-body and fully enclosed cavity design, abandons the traditional charging socket and replaces it with a magnetic interface, the waterproof ability has also been greatly improved. It is said that the waterproof ability of the Naenka Runner Pro can reach at least IPX8 level, there is no problem at all even if we wear this headset diving, and you don’t need to worry about the water getting into the headset.


 What's more, this headset has 8G large-capacity built-in storage, which can store more than 1,500 songs and supports music storage in various formats. It is really sweet!Naenka Runner Pro has a good battery life. The battery capacity is 230mAh, and the battery life is about 6 hours. If you exercise for 1 to 2 hours a day, just charge once every 3 to 4 days. It is also very convenient to carry with you, which is much easier to use than traditional in-ear Bluetooth headsets.


 Perhaps many people are worried that the sound effect of bone conduction Bluetooth headsets is not good enough. Naenka Runner Pro is equipped with a 16mm large dynamic vibrator speaker, which not only has stronger sound penetration, but also has a particularly layered treble and bass. It is not inferior than high-end audio equipment in any way, and there is no problem with listening to any type of music.From an overall point of view, Naenka Runner Pro is indeed quite worth buying, especially for friends who prefer listening to music while exercising. Having a good-performance headset can certainly make our fitness process more enjoyable. Even people who don’t like exercising will also fall in love with the feeling of running while listening to songs.

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