Naenka Lite Pro semi-in-ear bluetooth earphone: Clearer, Further, and Longer

Naenka Lite Pro semi-in-ear bluetooth earphone: Clearer, Further, and Longer

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Wireless earbuds - Naenka Lite pro

Wireless earbuds - Naenka Lite pro

In the past two years, I have always been fond of wireless earphones. Wired headphones are easy to knot and to get broken. Last year, I bought a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphone, it felt so good to take the earphone directly from the charging bin and put it into ears. The Bluetooth earphone that has been used for nearly 2 years has recently broken because my daughter threw it into the toilet. So I intend to buy a new one. I came to know the Naenka Lite Pro semi-in-ear Bluetooth earphone by the introduction of friends, and bought it just in time for the sale. After trying it out for a while, I felt very good. Today I will share with you its use experience.

Wireless earbuds - Naenka Lite pro

Many people may be unfamiliar with the brand of Naenka. And so do I. I searched on the Internet and found that Naenka is also a new brand developed in the last two years. Since it was floated on the stock market, the company has launched Naenka TWS true wireless Bluetooth earphones, Naenka Runner bone conduction earphones, and Naenka back hanging sports Bluetooth earphones, the appearance is stylish and popular among the youth group. It starts to take a youthful style from the cover design.

Naenka Lite pro

The Naenka Lite Pro semi-in-ear Bluetooth earphone adopts a clamshell-type, and the design is more exquisite. The top is a card written “the best gift”, there is a hole in the middle to place the charging box, and above is an accessory box. There is no need for additional packaging to give it as a gift to relatives and friends, because the packaging of Naenka is just a gift box.

Naenka lite pro

 Earphone accessories are becoming more and more simple now. A charging box, a charging cable and a manual. At first, I wondered why there is no silicone protector and then I knew the reason was the semi-in-ear design. I would also like to know the compactness of semi-in-ear headphones.

Naenka Lite pro


The single Naenka Lite Pro semi-in-ear Bluetooth earphone weighs only 3.8g. It is already very light. I tried it on for ten minutes, since it is not completely in the ear, it reduces the squeezing of the ear canal and the pressure. And there is almost no pain in wearing.

Naenka Lite pro

The Naenka Lite Pro semi-in-ear Bluetooth earphone is white in color, clean and flawless, with simple and elegant line design, strict craftsmanship, it’s really a work of art.

Naenka Lite Pro semi-in-ear Bluetooth earphone adopts the structure design of Asian ear big data deployment. After thousands of improvements and real-life wearing experience, it is determined that the current appearance is more in line with the Asian. It is very compliant to wear, not as easy to fall off as wired earphones. I am also worried that it is as easy to fall off as a wired earphone. It seems that my worry is more redundant. and it fits well after running for a few laps.

Naenka Lite pro

The charging box of the Naenka Lite Pro semi-in-ear Bluetooth earphone is not designed to be oval or square like other Bluetooth charging boxes. It is round and volume is relatively minimal. There is no discomfort in your hand, and it is easy to tuck in the pocket and travel with music

Naenka Lite pro

Both the left and right sides of Naenka Lite Pro have independent chips and complete circuits. Both sides are the main earphones, which can be used for single ear listening, one for listening to songs and one for charging, or can be also used for binaural stereo, enjoy the high-definition sound quality, and stereo surround.

Naenka Lite pro

Like all wireless Bluetooth earphones, Naenka Lite Pro also uses a touch design, which can be operated with a single click. In addition, Naenka Lite Pro also has a thoughtful anti-touch design, the operations of pause and play change from one click to double-click to prevent the accidental touch. Click the left side to decrease the volume, click the right ear to increase the volume, long press the left and right ears are switched to the previous and next songs, triple-click on the left ear to call up siri, start the intelligent AI language assistant, Xiao Ai, Xiao e, etc. can be awakened with the click, triple-click on the right ear bring up the game mode. Although there are more modes, practice makes perfect, you will be proficient with a few more uses.

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Naenka Lite Pro adopts a Hall switch design. You can connect to the phone independently by opening the cover. There is no need to take it out, or turn it on manually. Of course, you still need to manually connect to the Bluetooth for the first time. Find the Bluetooth search device and choose Naenka Lite Pro, it only takes a few seconds to connect, and then it can be automatically connected. It’s very convenient. The battery life can also be displayed on the phone, so as to remind you whether it need to be charged, and to prevent the battery from running out when answering the phone or listening to music.

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The charging box of Naenka Lite Pro adopts a magnetic design. The earphones are charged when put them in. Once the left and right ears are placed in the right position, they will be attracted automatically. But if they are putted in the wrong place, the charging box can not be closed. The charging box uses the type-C interface, and can be fully charged in 2 hours.



For the first connection, long press the left and right earphones, turn on the Bluetooth of the phone to search for the device. Then Naenka LITE PRO appears, click to connect. It should be noted that both sides must be opened to connect, otherwise only one side of earphone can be connected, and it will be connected automatically next time.The vast majority of young people like to play games, and the peripherals of the game are also important. Earphones are an important part. Once the earphones have a delay, it will lead to failure. Naenka Lite Pro is designed to upgrade with low latency game mode, which just need a triple-click on the right to enter the mode. The delay is instantly reduced by 50%, and you can seize the opportunity in the game. According to research, the human eye can perceive a delay of 0.07 seconds, while the delay of the Naenka Lite Pro normal mode is 0.1 seconds, the game mode is 0.0 seconds, the AirPods is 0.2 seconds, and the Xiaomi earphone is 0.3 seconds. The advantage is still very obvious.


The latency speed depends on the computing speed, and the computing ability depends on the chip design. Naenka Lite Pro uses Qualcomm 3040 chip, with an upgraded version 5.2 and ceramic antenna, three layers of reinforcement, making the connection distance longer, the signal more stable and the ability of anti-interference much stronger. In addition, the ceramic antenna has strong antioxidant properties, it is durable and stable, with low signal loss.

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The connection distance of Naenka Lite Pro has also been greatly increased. The transmission distance of ordinary Bluetooth 5.0 is only 10 meters, which is also the distance I currently I recognize, while the connection distance of Bluetooth 5.2 can reach 20 meters, even in every corner of the house or in the office, you can speak freely without holding your phone.

2021 best bluetooth 5.2 earbuds

Battery life has always been a common problem in electronic products, especially wireless Bluetooth earphones. Many of them can not do both lightweight and long battery life, it can only be used 3-4 hours at most, which is mainly related to the chip they used. The Qualcomm 3040 chip low-power solution adopted by Naenka Lite Pro can be used normally for 7 hours on a single charge, with the 350mAh capacity of the total polymer lithium battery in the charging box, which can be repeatedly charged for 3-4 times, and the battery life is more than 28 hours, it can meet all your needs, even if you travel or on business trips

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People who knows a little about electronic products knows the Qualcomm chip. It is not only the leader of the technology in the mobile phone industry, but also a representative of Bluetooth technology in the earphone industry. And It’s known for its excellent stability and CD-level sound quality transmission. The Naenka Lite Pro is equipped with Qualcomm's new 3040 chip, with super decoding ability, which can truthfully analyze the energy, emotion and passion contained in the music works in the recording studio, and restore the real sound of music to us. APIX high-definition decoding is suitable for Android system sound quality, while AAC high-speed transmission decoding shows the excellent resolution of IOS. The two systems can be very compatible and express a good state of sound quality.

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Compared with the 10mm dynamic unit of the general Bluetooth earphone, the advantage of 13mm large dynamic unit of Naenka Lite Pro is more obvious, which is nearly 30% larger, making the Naenka Lite Pro Bluetooth earphone a more open sound field, coupled with the sensitivity of 97dB, the frequency response range: 20-20KHz, every musical detail can be accurately expressed under the professional adjustment. Super bass: enhanced low frequency sense, reproduce the shock of the live music. Clear vocal: The details of the vocal are enhanced, and it is more emotionally appealing. Cool treble: highlight the sound of the instrument, pure and clear, long-lasting and enduring.

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Our perception is that one earphone has one microphone, but each main earphone of the Naenka Lite Pro wireless Bluetooth earphone is equipped with two microphones. The front one recognizes the human voice, the rear one recognizes the environmental noise, filtering noise, and with ENC call noise reduction technology, the quality of the call is effectively improved, our voice can be clearly transmitted even in a noisy environment. In the past, you have to cover the headset to carry the sound when go shopping or in the car. With the Naenka Lite Pro, the call quality is comparable to the direct radio of the mobile phone, one can answer the phone call in public without any worries

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In terms of system compatibility, The Naenka Lite Pro system is fully compatible with Android, Apple, and Windows on the market. Most of the devices on the market such as mobile phones and computers, can be connected to it with Bluetooth turned on, and it can be used in all audio and video platforms.


The Naenka Lite Pro earphone has completely replaced my previous Bluetooth earphone now. After all, everyone likes good products. As the saying goes, set the saddle on the right horse, a good mobile phone needs a good headset to go with it, and a phone with a price of $200 yuan is worth a headphone of $59.99 to match. Because of its design of semi-in-ear, the waterproof effect is not very good. Therefore, I propose to strengthen this aspect, and I believe it will receive a lot of favor.






















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