What are Bone Conduction Headphone benifits?

What are Bone Conduction Headphone benifits?

What are Bone Conduction Headphones?

How Bone Conduction Headphones Send Signals to Your Brain?

Advantages of The Bone conduction Headphone

There are various benefits of Bone Conduction Headphones. 

Naenka's Bone conduction earphones or Bonephones are a great alternative compared to normal earphones

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What are Bone Conduction Headphones?


With the name bone conduction, one can probably think it has something to do with the bones. Well, your guess is correct, the bone conduction headphones operate on the theory that sound waves can move better through bones.


Naenka Runner Pro: 


Naenka Co. Ltd is a well-known Chinese headset brand. It introduced bone conduction headphones as a new and compact hearing aid in 2017. Our headsets are not only wireless, giving the product a sleek look, but it is also able to reduce noise. With the development of science and technology, more people, especially youth, prefer aesthetically pleasing tools. The design of our headphones and its waterproof technology makes it stand out among other hearing devices. It has grabbed the attention of digital groups and sports circles due to its waterproof technology. Since 2019, the rapid growth of the Naenka brand is the best proof of the product strength, "bone conduction Headphones".

Many users trust Naenka for providing them comfort and quality for home, travel, work, sport, leisure and other aspects of life. We look forward to people having a contented and easier life using our products. 


Naneka Runner Pro Bone Conduction Headphone: 


Naenka originally started with true wireless earphones. In recent years, with the improvement of its product strength, it has previously, launched a variety of products; hanging neck earphones, bone conduction earphones, power banks, electric toothbrushes, etc., gradually becoming a trend item. Bone conduction earphones are different from ordinary earphones that focus on sound quality. They are actually made for sports with open ear bone conduction futuristic technology. And Naenka quickly became popular among the sports crowd, and gradually seized a place in the bone conduction headset market, breaking the thousand yuan bone conduction headset market. Huawei, Edifier, and Xiaomi have gradually added bone conduction elements to their products to improve their Product power.

The Naenka Runner Pro bone conduction headset has many features with its IPX8 waterproof, can be worn for swimming and bathing, and the headset 8G memory storage can support 1500+ music, 33 grams, Bluetooth 5.0-stable signal, wiring, 16mm large-aperture drivers, and other high cost-effective configurations, breaking the siege and presenting a new sound for the young sports users.


How Bone Conduction Headphones Send Signals to Your Brain?

Some creative minds found a way to make the sound waves pathway much easier, i.e. through bones. They are transmitted directly to the cochlea when the sound waves cause the head's bones to vibrate, which further transmits the electrical impulses through auditory nerves to the brain. The impulses that reach the brain are the same that reach the ear. The technology has proven to be effective for people who have hearing impairments. The technology is even used to treat hearing loss in the medical field. 


Advantages of The Bone conduction Headphone: 


There are various benefits of Bone Conduction Headphones. 


More Comfortable Fit:

We all have faced fitting hands-free and headphones in our ear, which are also not comfortable. It is tough to find the perfect fit for your ear. But Bone conduction earphones eliminate this problem. From now on, you never have to struggle that the earbuds keep falling out of your heart or it hurts after some time. If you go out for a run or do some other chore during the day, the headphones will remain intact no matter what.

IP 8 swimming waterproof:

Upgraded swimming waterproof Never worry about the rain and sweat, and it can be washed and soaked directly. Furthermore, wear it without hesitation while swimming or bathing. (most similar products can only achieve level 6 waterproof, soaking in water is prohibited).

Unique Listening Experience:

Playing your favourite songs and always getting the sound of nature to enjoy. With the bone conduction earphones, you will be able to cherish every moment. You're going to have an exceptional listening experience, and you're going to feel the music flowing through your veins actually.

Increased Situational Awareness:

A perfect way to avoid the world is to walk around with headphones in your ear. But in the past, many studies declared from the incidents that walking with earphones is not safe. 

So, the bone conduction headphones solve this problem in the best possible way. There will be no speaker over your ears with these headphones that will prevent you from hearing horns, calling outs, or any other sound that may or may not be a risk to your safety. 

Futuristic Technology - Bone conduction:

You can listen to music without putting headphones in your ears. This headset transmits sound through the ear bones directly to the inner ear. NO plug-in, NO effect on the cochlea, and protect your hearing.

Unique anti-leakage patent:

The sound leakage is smaller than the bone conduction products on the market, and the vibration is smaller. With a large-size bone conduction vibrator, the sound quality can be comparable to ordinary headphones.

Noise Reduction:

Qualcomm chips with CVC6.0 call noise reduction technology make the call feel like face to face, and one-click answering, no action required on the mobile phone. Release your hands completely during exercises.



Naenka's Bone conduction earphones or Bonephones are a great alternative compared to normal earphones because they provide a wireless structure that comes off easily without tangling or irritating the user. Secondly, the waterproof technology is also why the sports circle values this product, making it easy to communicate. The health benefits are that it doesn't cause tympanic membrane strain and doesn't cause hearing damage. 


The next trend of the generation is Bonephones. It is already taking its roots to the fields such as civilian wear, military wear, private communications, essential hearing aids and under-water sports. 

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