Release both Ears, Sports Listening Optimal Solution: Naenka Running Diver Sports Headphones

Release both Ears, Sports Listening Optimal Solution: Naenka Running Diver Sports Headphones

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Bone conduction headphones as a part of the wireless Bluetooth headphones, has always belonged to a relatively unique existence. Unlike in-ear and semi-in-ear headphones that transmit sound through the air medium, bone conduction uses vibrating bone conduction to generate sound. Will not block the ear canal, can effectively avoid wearing headphones when the ear canal foreign body feeling. And will not affect listening to outside sounds.

As a cycling enthusiast, every day dozens of kilometers can not do without the company of music. The use of external speakers will be more embarrassing, in-ear headphones ride faster wind noise is too large. And more cars on the road, if you can not hear the outside world sound is too unsafe. Choose to choose or bone conduction headphones are the most suitable, the perfect match for listening to songs and books when sports.

I bought Naenka bone conduction sports headphones Runner Diver, equipped with a large size 16mm vibrator, equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 chip, comes with 16GB storage has IPX8 level waterproof level swimming can also be worn. Configuration above is the top stream of bone conduction headphones.

Randomly included a special charging cable, a pair of silicone ear plugs. Ear plugs are more suitable for indoor quiet environment, can enhance the sense of listening.

The shape of the headset is relatively special, like a small seahorse. The unique shape balances the gravity distribution of the overall headphones. Red dot design award-winning products, the actual wear when feeling quite awesome.

The headset's ear hooks are made of memory titanium, not only can be bent at will, and can adapt to fit the curve of the head after wearing.

The full headset is designed with physical buttons to avoid accidental touch to facilitate operation, especially in the case of swimming or sweating. The left side is the switch and function switching, the right side is the volume and NFC Bluetooth.

IPX8 is the largest level of water resistance. The top is 1.5-30 meters from the surface of the water for 30 minutes, the performance is not affected, no water leakage to assess this level.

Immersion operation is no problem at all. What do people feel most boring when swimming, in fact, is to swim up to the silent environment, boring swimming for a while is not interesting. With this headset to listen to the audiobook, as long as physical strength allows me to feel I can swim all day.

The headset has a built-in 180mAh battery, using the magnetic charging method. The battery life is advertised as 10 hours. I basically ride every day for more than 1 hour volume on the mid-range. At present, the headset has been used for a week indeed has not been charged, the battery life is still relatively reliable. With too dry on the battery life is not good.

Headset built-in 16GB storage, connected to the computer after the identification of a U disk device, the available space 14.5GB. support mp3 and flac lossless variety. Support for memory playback is relatively awesome, put a whole audiobook into it and do not worry about listening to the mess.

The main aspect that affects the sound quality of bone conduction headphones is all in the vibrator, the key to technology is how to reduce leakage. Propaganda OT closure to reduce leakage reverse sound we do not know much, simply say when wearing the experience, with Runner Diver listening to songs medium volume is no leakage of sound, the side of the people do not hear the sound at all. If the sound is louder, there will be sound leakage, but it is relatively minor, in-ear sound will also leak when the sound is loud.

Runner Diver two interesting features

1、One tow two

1 headset can be connected to two phones at the same time, when playing audio to the first device audio-based. The highest priority to phone access.

2、NFC pairing connection

Pro3 NfC Bluetooth connection is more interesting, when the phone NFC function is open, gently touch the headset will be able to pair and connect the action completely without going into the settings inside the Bluetooth interface is quite convenient.

If you simply enjoy the music does not exist out, do not consider the safety of the commute on the road to choose good sound quality in-ear or headset is definitely the first choice.

But if the movement of listening to songs mostly, commuting on the road care about the ambient sound safety, in a balanced sound quality and sports matching above the bone conduction has a variety of inherent advantages.

If the movement includes swimming, then with 16BG memory, without the phone can also listen to songs IPX8 level RunningPro3 bone conduction headphones is definitely the best solution!

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