Why is Runner Pro so popular?

Why is Runner Pro so popular?

Runner Pro has been loved by many journalists since it for sale, and you should know this information! From Irish Examiner to ZDNET, Naenka's open bone conduction headphones have been getting a lot of attention from press everywhere, so check out what these journalists are saying about Naenka right now! Buy this product on our website now here!


“The Naenka Runner Pro has a special trick for people on the go. While it functions as Bluetooth headphones, it also has 8GB of internal storage that turns the Runner Pro into a standalone music player that can handle your typical audio formats like MP3s, WAVs, and even FLACs. You transfer music from a PC using the charging cable, which we'll get to later. In this mode, you can go wherever you want without having to worry about your smartphone, which again comes in handy when taking a brief dive.” - JC TORRES, Slashgear, Read More


“Another aspect of the Naenka Runner Pro that I greatly appreciate is the large and well defined buttons that allow me to easily control playback and volume while running. I hate the tiny buttons on the other headphones and usually just give up trying to control my music. Not so with the Naenka and this was a refreshing realization.” - Matthew Miller, ZDNET, Read More


“One of the more interesting features that sets the Naenka Runner Pro apart from the competition is that the Naenka Runner Pro has internal memory. This allows the headset to store music, podcasts and other forms of audio, which means the Naenka Runner Pro can be used without a paired phone. This is ideal for those who work out, as it means they don't need to bring their phones with them when going for a jog or bike ride. Putting audio files onto the Naenka Runner Pro was as easy as plugging the headset into a computer and dropping files onto it like any other USB drive.” - Bob Fekete, IBT, Read More

Irish Examiner

“The Naenka Runner Pro are not for those who like to sit at home and listen to music or want to block out the sounds of life around them. However, they are an excellent choice for those who need a comfortable headset that makes them feel safe while running or cycling.” - NOEL CAMPION, Irish Examiner, Read More

Laptop Mag

“The Naenka Runner Pro’s overall audio experience is surprisingly good for a bone conduction headset. I was impressed with it’s ability to actually make me feel the music. It made me wish I has access to a pool so that I could dog paddle while listening to music.” -  Mark Anthony Ramirez, Laptop Mag, Read More

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