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The Future of Bone Conduction Across the Globe: Naenka

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Bone Conduction is a fairly new concept that has evolved in recent times. It is a fantastic aid for people with hearing impairments. It is also beneficial for athletes. Bone conduction headphones are a new invention that has changed the whole game of hearing impairments across the world.


What makes bone conduction earphones or headsets different from any other is the way it works. It is unlike any traditional method of working and makes hearing simple, easier, and hassle-free. The eardrum here does not vibrate to pass the sound. In turn, the vibrations resulting from here directly reach the inner ear or cochlea. This makes the whole process extremely easy.


Due to the noninvolvement of the eardrum, the conduction of the sound is far easier and better here. Anyone hard of hearing can easily use it. It is also a beneficial tool for runners and swimmers who need to be aware of their surroundings. Runners need to be aware of pedestrians, passing cars, and other sounds while they are outdoors. The same applies to swimmers as well who need to know what's going on outside.


The Naenka bone conduction headphones are revolutionizing the whole hearing aid industry. Established in June 2011, Naenka is dedicated to providing the best-wired bone conduction headphones for people who are hard of hearing as well as athletes. The Naenka Acoustic Lab was established to focus on the same research. Several years were dedicated to building the perfect prototype for hearing across the world.


They were finally successful in their attempt by August 2020 when the first product was released worldwide. This product was  Runner Pro headphones that brought a new and enhanced listening experience to the consumers.


By March 2021, more products were launched for consumers after the previous products gained immense popularity. They were lightweight, chic, and user-friendly.


The brand new Runner Diver Bone Conduction swimming headphones are the latest launch by Naenka Brand. They are not only waterproof but also dustproof. They are perfect for athletes and swimmers. Be it swimming, cycling, running, or diving, these Bluetooth bone-conduction headphones are perfect for all. They are designed by keeping the needs of the athletes in mind.


These running headphones are also bestowed with the latest technology. It has an MP3 mode that supports more file formats than any other headphone brand. This makes the sound quality better and more amplified.


The headphones can be easily charged up to their full capacity in over 1.5 hours. They can be used for up to 10 hours at a stretch after that. These earphones serve as the perfect companion for listening to music anytime, anywhere. The volumes can be as high as 60% and still go up to 10 hours.


They are also extremely lightweight, user-friendly, and easy to use. The surface of the swimming headphones is made of soft silicon. It will not cause any damage to your skin in any way. They can be worn for long hours without any hassles. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

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