Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones: A Comprehensive Guide

Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones: A Comprehensive Guide


Swim bone conduction headphones represent a cutting-edge innovation in swim audio technology. Nank, a brand known for its commitment to excellence, has continuously refined its product, from the inaugural Runner Pro to the latest Runner Diver2. This article delves into user experiences, addressing potential issues, providing solutions, and offering essential tips for utilizing and maintaining these state-of-the-art Headphones.

Wearing Bone Conduction Headphones:

1. Compatibility and Adjustment

Nank swimming bone conduction headphones are compatible with most swim goggles and caps. Users can choose to wear the Headphones directly or tuck them into their swim cap, depending on head size and comfort. For those finding the fit too loose, silicone bands in our accessories can be used for adjustment.

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Headphones Modes- Bluetooth and Memory Modes

The Runner Pro2 and Runner Diver2 boast two modes: Bluetooth and Memory. Memory mode, featuring internal storage, allows users to download audio files, enabling music playback without a phone, particularly useful while swimming due to Bluetooth interference in water. Switching modes requires a quick triple press of the power button, and it is crucial to ensure the memory has playable audio files.

Tips for Swimming in Memory Mode:

1. Ensuring Bluetooth Pairing and Troubleshooting- Confirm the headphones are in Bluetooth pairing mode, unconnected, suitable for swimming, avoiding Bluetooth interruptions due to water flow.

2. Maintain Bluetooth pairing status by manually disconnecting previous devices or initiating pairing mode at startup (press and hold for 5 seconds, release at the "pairing" point). Note the blinking blue indicator light during pairing mode.

Troubleshooting Memory Access on Computers:

1. Attempt memory access on different computers or USB ports with various operating systems.

2. Right-click on earphone memory and select "format."


Cleaning and Maintenance:

After each use, thoroughly rinse swimming headphones with water to eliminate pool residues (saltwater/chlorine). Avoid using soap or chemical cleaners, which may damage the waterproof layer. Proper storage is critical: keep headphones in a dry, well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight. Utilize the provided storage box or bag to protect against dust and external elements.

Note the materials: the connecting part is titanium alloy, while the ear hook's internal section is plastic. Avoid excessive force to prevent breakage.

Usage Limitations and Safety Precautions:

While designed for IPX8 waterproofing, avoid use beyond 10 meters in water depth, high-pressure water, or sauna conditions, as electronic components are susceptible to damage. Safety precautions include refraining from charging the Headphones when not completely dry, preventing potential shorts. Before attempting charging, ensure thorough earphone drying, particularly inspecting residual water at the charger connection.

Customer Assurance and Support:

As valued customers, your experience is paramount. Nank assures responsibility for any product quality issues or dissatisfaction. The professional support team is ready to address and resolve any concerns promptly. For assistance or inquiries, contact us through our Amazon store's messaging system.


Thank you for choosing Nank swimming bone conduction headphones. We aim to provide a delightful, convenient, and outstanding audio experience throughout your journey. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

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