Naenka(Nank) Brand 4th Anniversary Celebration: Entire Collection at 20% Off!

Naenka(Nank) Brand 4th Anniversary Celebration: Entire Collection at 20% Off!

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On September 8th, Naenka(Nank) Overseas Division will officially celebrate our 4th birthday! Up to now Naenka(Nank) products have been sold to more than 26 countries and regions around the world, and tens of thousands of runners, swimmers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts have become our loyal fans. It is your encouragement and support that have made Naenka(Nank) grow to today's size and gained good results. Naenka(Nank) as a young brand, there are still a lot of places that need to be perfected and optimized, and your trust and support is a great motivation for us to move forward! Sincerely thanks for all the company and support along the way!


Nank China was founded back in 2011 and the overseas team was established in early 2019. Since its establishment, Naenka(Nank) has been committed to the research of bone conduction technology and related product development, and in 2017, the first batch of Runner series of bone conduction headphones came out. In these four years, Naenka(Nank) has not only brought innovative open bone conduction headphones to the public, but also pioneered a healthier, safer, and cleaner way of listening, revolutionizing the lifestyle of most people.

NO.1/ Running

Naenka (Nank), a must-have headphone for runners, open ear design and walks with the music all the time while sweating.

NO.2 / Cycling

Listening to music while riding, in-ear earplugs completely isolate the outside environment sound, safety hidden danger can not be ignored. Naenka (Nank) bone conduction headphones, open both ears, always pay attention to the environment sound, safe riding, enjoy the journey.

NO.3 / Fitness

Move to the rhythm of the music, while not missing every admonition and instruction from your instructor.

NO.4 / Working

Say goodbye to boring office work, sleepy mornings, put on Naenka (Nank) and let the music ignite your passion for work.

NO.5 / Family Life

Unencumbered by boring housework, turn on the music and dance with the notes anytime, anywhere.

NO.6 / Driving

Not only beautiful scenery, but also need music to accompany you on your journey. Open your ears, drive safely and enjoy your own music feast.

In addition, swimming, cross-country, hiking, fishing, skiing, walking the dog, shopping, playing games are also not without Naenka (Nank) ..... Naenka(Nank) hopes to accompany you in every moment of life, bit by bit, to bring you convenience and comfort.

Over the past 4 years, we have launched a variety of bone conduction sports headphones, all the way to witness Naenka (Nank) update iteration, wonderful metamorphosis of the partners, your current headset is which model?


On the occasion of Naenka's (Nank) 4th anniversary, we have summarized the features and special offers of each headphone!

Save 20% on all products, worldwide free shipping, 2-3 business days delivery in the UK and USA.

Runner Diver2: A well-deserved professional swimming headset, every swimmer's best companion!

Runner Diver: Professional waterproof headphones, highest value for money, suitable for all indoor and outdoor sports.

Runner Neo: Revolutionary product, the first innovative wireless charging design, Qualcomm chip for ultra-high music quality!

Runner Pro2: No microphone, no openings on the whole body, large memory, suitable for running, cycling and other outdoor activities.

Runner Caller: Long arm microphone, dual microphone noise reduction, preferred for video conferencing, driving and online meetings.

Runner Chic; Ultra-light and portable, simple design, generous style, your first pair of bone conduction headphones.

Besides, Instagram and other social media official accounts will also hold giveaways from time to time, follow us to get the latest offers!

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