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Easter is a major holiday in England and many other countries of the Christian faith. Easter in the spring echoes Christmas in the winter, which celebrates the birth of Jesus, and Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Both festivals are about 2,000 years old and remain the biggest festivals in the UK and other countries today, representing the faith and reverence for God in the hearts of the local people.

The Way Countries Celebrate Easter

Sweden: To the Swedes, Easter is not just the day of Jesus' resurrection, but a sign of spring's resurrection. After a long winter, the Swedes don't care about the snow that still remains on the distant mountains, and happily hang colorful feathers and brightly colored eggs all around the city. The colorful feathers symbolize the growing chicks. Instead of flowers, they like to use colorful feathers to make Easter colorful. In addition to eggs and feathers, "witches" can be seen during Easter in Sweden. This custom is based on an old folklore: the week before Easter is the time when witches are at their most powerful, sitting on a broom with a kettle in front of them and a black cat behind them, flying up to the mountains in the dark to celebrate and dance with the elves. 

Italy: Easter Monday is known in Italy as "Pasquetta" (Little Easter). It is a good time to go out with family and friends, and there is a saying in Italy "Natale con i tuoi. Pasqua con chi vuoi." which means "Christmas with your family, Easter with anyone you like. " It is the most relaxing day, a good time for Italians to enjoy warmth and joy.

Germany: The government mandates a two-day break for Easter. During the holiday, families reunite, enjoy various traditional foods, and relatives and friends meet to congratulate each other. Eggs, fire, water and rabbits, which symbolize life, become the mascots of Easter. During Easter, parents prepare chocolate candies in the shape of eggs and rabbits for their children, and friends and relatives give each other colored eggs.

In the Bavarian region of Germany, a torch race is held every Easter to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus.

United Kingdom: On Easter day, bakeries sell hot cross buns to commemorate Jesus; an Easter costume parade is also held every year, during which there are national-style bagpipe bands, children equipped with the Queen Victoria era Palace Guard and so on.
Most of the Easter eggs in Britain are made of real eggs. Brightly colored and various designs are painted on top of the boiled eggs, and with the development of society, chocolate eggs are now also popular.
In addition, the British people also play an old and traditional game of "egg rolling" on Easter Day: each participant chooses an egg of his or her own and rolls it down the hill, with the winning principle being that the egg does not break when it reaches the bottom of the hill. To this day, there are still many places where this traditional old game is still played. 

United States: When Easter approaches, the windows of candy stores will be filled with beautiful eggs. There are also a variety of small gifts for children to attract them. They are decorated with stuffed wool chicks, whose beaks and feet are glued to cards. Lucky children may get several such gifts from friends and relatives.

On Easter Day, candles are lit in front of the church as a sign of sanctification, and are welcomed into thousands of homes. The children's greatest joy on this day is to bring the sacred fire to their homes. They light the branches in front of the church and then run around to deliver them to each house in a joyful and festive atmosphere.

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