A brief comment on the use of Nank Lite Pro: Cuuuute!

A brief comment on the use of Nank Lite Pro: Cuuuute!

A brief review of Nank Lite Pro: Too pretty to be a high-end gadget!

A brief review of Naenka Lite Pro: Too pretty to be a high-end gadget

With generation Z fresh graduates slowly entering the workforce, people's tastes while purchasing wireless Bluetooth headsets have changed. Not only about high-quality music enjoyment but the visual impact it brings. Pick the best choice to gain excellent sound quality and approval of friends all at once.

Wireless Earbuds Naenka TWS Lite pro

The Naenka Lite Pro headset I brought today is a very high-value but inexpensive headset gadget. It can meet your daily listening needs, and more importantly, it makes your appearance as beautiful as a noble. Of course, it is a decent present to give to your BF/GF.

Unpacking and appearance:

First, let’s just open the box. Although it is not nutritious, it is worth a look, because the Naenka Lite Pro headset is also very good from the outer packaging. The light brown outer box and the clamshell inner box are very high-quality gifts for boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, relatives etc.

The Naenka Lite Pro headset looks perfect from the outer packaging. Beige outer box with a clamshell container inside.

Wireless Earbuds Naenka TWS Lite pro

Let's open it and take a closer look. Here it is. The Naenka Lite Pro headset, don't you think the charging compartment looks pretty?

Wireless Earbuds Naenka TWS Lite pro

The white round pebble design, coupled with the metallic luster of the dividing line, is simple and high-end, and the sleek and smooth piano paint surface makes us feel very comfortable in our hands.

Wireless Earbuds Naenka TWS Lite pro

The charging box's portable size makes it super convenient to store, without a single effort to place it in a popular small satchel!

Wireless Earbuds Naenka TWS Lite pro

Open the charging compartment, the Naenka Lite Pro earphones' two earphones are relatively light in hand. With a semi-in-ear design, the tightness and comfort are satisfying when wearing for a long time.

Wireless Earbuds Naenka TWS Lite pro

Besides, the Naenka Lite Pro headset uses a three-point support design combined with the cochlea's shape so that this semi-in-ear headset will not fall even if you shake your head like a rattle.

Operational Aspects

Activate the Bluetooth list of the mobile phone and connect to Naneka -LITE PRO. After hearing the prompt tone, it means that the mobile phone is connected and can perform touch operations. We can perform functions such as pause/play/answer phone calls by touch (click to control the volume, long-press the headset to switch songs, double-click to control music pause/play, triple-click on the left ear to wake up the voice assistant, and triple-click on the right ear to enter the game mode.) , It also supports waking up the phone voice assistant.

Wireless Earbuds Naenka TWS Lite pro

In terms of interactive operation, we should focus on the game mode supported by Naenka Lite Pro. Tap the right ear three times to hear the cool "go go" prompt. In the game mode, the entire headset has a large delay The amplitude is reduced and can be used in the game without any worries.

Music Listening Experience

 According to the official introduction, the Naenka Lite Pro headphones use a 13mm large speaker driver, as well as the professional deployment of Toronto music masters, resulting in overweight bass, clear vocals and clear treble. But what about the specific sound quality?

I tried it with the Naenka Lite Pro headset. The overall performance is not outstanding, but the sound quality should be higher than this price's general level. The vocal part of the intermediate frequency is excellent in resolution. The high frequency of pure music is slightly harsh but will not break the sound. The low frequency is not very deep, the euphemistic singing is full of femininity, and each audio processing level is extremely clear.

Wireless Earbuds Naenka TWS Lite pro

Since everyone's preferences are different, it is difficult to fully describe the Naenka Lite Pro headset's overall performance characteristics based on personal hearing alone. Still, in terms of personal preference, the Naenka Lite Pro headset has a better mid-to-high frequency performance of the human voice's details. Better than the processing of the bass part. In addition, the Naenka Lite Pro headset has Bluetooth 5.2 technology support and NEC call noise reduction technology, which makes this product have lower mic delay and faster speed in games, and the experience of daily calls is excellent, so there is no need to worry about too much sound. Precise and smooth in small and noisy situations.

Endurance Performance

 Naenka Lite Pro earphones have improved appearance, sound quality and functions, and long-lasting battery life. Because it uses the low-power solution of Qualcomm 3040 chip, the battery life can reach about 7 hours of continuous use, and it can run 6 hours in the game mode.

The Naenka Lite Pro earphone charging box itself can provide three times of full earphone power. Of course, we usually use it with a charging compartment, so it can provide 28 hours of total battery life if you typically go out. In this case, we could use it for two weeks if we listen to music an hour per day on our way to the office and get off work. Isn't that nice?

To Sum Up

In current fierce competition for TWS Bluetooth headsets, If headset manufacturers are willing to gain a place on the market. They require the overall development of many things: the appearance, sound quality, and functional applications. The Naenka Lite Pro headset, with its atmospheric packaging design, beautiful charging compartment shape, low latency game mode, and noise reduction, will indeed receive a lot of love from men and women, especially those who like mobile games. The sound quality performance is also outstanding.

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