5 Fitness YouTubers

5 Fitness YouTubers

YouTube as the second largest search engine in the world after Google, receives billions of viewers every day, with an average of 100 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, where people can find a wide variety of unique and creative videos, and Naenka has handpicked a few fitness & exercise bloggers for you.

YouTube@ Cycle with Serafina

Serafina is a cycling enthusiast who usually shares her cycling videos and anecdotes on YouTube. Due to her unique upbringing, she also shares weekly thoughts to help people get out of their funk. serafina, as co-founder of the sustainability advocacy team teaspoon of change, believes that change is a gift, and when viewed in the right way to help us grow, it makes us stronger and gives us the opportunity to reinvent our lives . Follow her, you'll love her channel!


YouTube@ Andy's Tech Tone

Andy's channel is a combination of electronic technology and fitness, and his videos are mainly about sharing some sports-related electronic products. Andy's 18,000 followers are his biggest fans, and it's Andy's serious personality that makes him stand out from the rest of the YouTube bloggers. Andy has tested many sports headphones in recent years, and he was impressed by the bone conduction headphones. Every frame of his video is so perfect that you can't stop watching it. If you're a sports fan, trust me, you won't want to miss Andy's videos!


YouTube@ Run With Xa

For those of you looking for marathon training tips and running tips, Run With Xa is the perfect place to start, as Xa's channel chronicles many classic marathons and regularly shares equipment choices and running tips with its followers. In addition to running shoes, Run will also share some electronic equipment that enhances the running experience, such as bone conduction headphones or smart watches. This video introduces you to the running shoes Xa has been using for the past two years, which I'm sure will give you some reference.


YouTube@ Indoor Cycling Videos

Uwe and Anna are from Germany and they love to document their cycling with videos. The variety of landscapes and lovely views make you want to join them on their rides right away. Every Wednesday they have a new 30-minute fat-burning ride workout, so join them now!


YouTube@ Fahsai Freedom Channel

NaenkaSpace member Fahsai loves to participate in all kinds of cycling and running events, and by following her channel you can find out about many local professional events in Thailand. In addition to documenting races, Fahsai also shares her training routine regularly, which helps to give you a better understanding of cycling and running from multiple perspectives. If you love or want to join these two sports too, follow Fahsai now!


Are you ready? Whether you want to get into fitness, running or cycling and swimming, the above bloggers can give you some substantial advice and training methods! And don't forget to bring along a great exercise companion in the form of Naenka bone conduction open headphones!

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