Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Sports
Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Sports
Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Sports
Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Sports
Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Sports
Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Sports
Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Sports
Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Sports


Nank OE Mix Open-ear Lightweight Wireless Earbuds for Sports

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【Open Ear Experience for Sports】The Nank OE Mix Open Ear Headphones offer comfort and safety with a breathable open fit, making them perfect for both video calls and listening to music. They feature built-in noise-canceling for clear conversations in any environment.

【Impressive Stereo Sound】With 16.2mm vibrating diaphragm speaker drivers, three times larger than typical wireless earbuds, the Nank OE Mix delivers rich, balanced audio with clear tones, deep bass, and an immersive soundstage.

【Latest Bluetooth 5.4 Connectivity】Equipped with Bluetooth 5.4, the Nank OE Mix ensures a fast, reliable connection with minimal latency, providing seamless audio and video synchronization.

【Easy Control】Manage audio playback and calls with built-in touchpads and enjoy AI noise cancellation that reduces ambient noise by up to 80%. These headphones offer wide compatibility and easy one-step pairing.

【Long Battery Life and Low-Latency Gaming】Enjoy up to 36 hours of battery life for extended music and calls without frequent recharging. The 60ms low-latency gaming mode provides a competitive edge for gamers.

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Directional Sound

Utilizing breakthrough directional sound transmission technology, precise tuning of multi-level sound chambers prevents sound leakage and enhances sound concentration.

Acoustic Excellence

After 13 years of acoustic exploration, the Super Sound OS acoustic system, developed collaboratively by Nank and a top-tier acoustic team including multiple engineers from Hifi clubs, delivers exceptional audio quality.



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No, OE Mix is a regular sports earphone and is not intended for swimming use.

The sound quality of open ear is not as good as that of in ear headphones due to the different ways in which sound is transmitted and produced.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nice ear phone

so comfortable! Nice product

Sean McGrew
My new biking headphones!

First, great sound. I was surprised they could sound this good without being stuck in my ear.
Second, light on my ear. I walked around Costco and went for a bike ride and I could barely tell they were on my ears
Third, they work well with glasses. My Nank Runner Swimmer 2 headphones are nowhere near as comfortable as these headphones when worn with glasses. That is not to say that the Runner Swimmer 2's are uncomfortable, but these OE set a new bar for interaction with my glasses.

There are two and full disclosure, I don't think the OE are meant to cover this.
One: They are no IPX 9., so no swimming in them
Two: They do not have any onboard storage.

I haven't tested them for use as a headset for phone calls, as that isn't a feature I see myself using.

Overall: I love them, but I can't use them to replace my Runner Swimmer 2's for my swim workout. When I am biking, the OEs are my new go-to headphones

Andrew W.
Extremely comfortable fit

These earbuds are hands down my favorite ever. I loved them so much that I got a pair for my wife and brother for their birthdays. Before these, I mainly used my Sony XM4 over-ear headphones. For workouts, mowing the lawn, and work calls, I'd switch to Jaybird Tarah Pros or Tozo NC7's.

Let me tell you, these things are incredible.
- The call and mic quality is outstanding (they block out noise like kitchen fans, wind, cars—you name it).
- No more ear fatigue from wearing earbuds.
- No more sweating during workouts.
- They're soooo comfortable and stay locked in (I can even do handsprings with these on!).

These have become my go-to for everything except mowing and flying on airplanes.

Thomas Brown
Open Ear True Wireless Headphones

These sound really great! When I first put them on, I could have sworn I had my regular in-ear earbuds in, but nope, it was these. They actually sound immersive. Maybe not the absolute best, but definitely not your cheap $1 earbuds with no real mids or bass.

You can still somewhat block outside sounds because they can get loud if you max the volume, but if you keep it at a reasonable level, you can easily have a conversation and hear what's going on around you without any issues.

And the battery life is amazing! I was mostly worried about the battery being terrible, but listening to music at work, they last a minimum of 8 hours straight. If you're using them on and off, pausing for breaks, etc., I can stretch it to 10 hours easily. The case also charges them pretty quickly. They're comfortable, and you'll forget you're even wearing them. I pair these with my Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, and I'm set for any occasion.

All in all, you can't go wrong with these! I snagged them for $55.99. Grab them when you have the chance!

Comfortable over long sessions

This is my second naenka product. I've had a Runner Diver2 for 9 months. As always, the style and design are top-notch. The battery life is phenomenal. After over an hour of use, they were still at 90% battery power. Honestly, I've never let them drop below 50%. They charge super fast in the case, and even after owning them for a week, I haven't had to charge the case yet.

The open-ear design really lets you enjoy reasonably loud music while still hearing everything around you. They're perfect for daily use around the house, where being able to hear people is nice when you don't want to block out your family accidentally. It lets you have your own personal soundtrack without worrying about missing things.

It did take a while to get used to the fit and the feeling of having them sit over my ears. I've been using standard in-ear earbuds for decades, so the sensation of them moving slightly initially made me think they were going to fall off all the time. Spoiler alert: they never did!

I don't do any running or high-impact activities, so I can't speak to how well they'd stay on during those.

The microphone quality is similar to the Runner Diver2 I have from naenka (which is great and reliable). It doesn't pick up too much background noise and is as clear as any microphone I've used, according to people in video chats and phone calls.

The touch controls are easy to use and respond well to touches. So far, I haven't experienced any weird accidental skips or pauses in music when using the touch controls.

Overall, I really like the open-ear earbud style and naenka's design. I plan on using them for a long time when I don't need my noise-canceling headphones.