NANK OE Mix: Setting a New Benchmark for Open ear Headphones

NANK OE Mix: Setting a New Benchmark for Open ear Headphones

Open ear headphones not only ensure comfortable wear but also allow us to remain aware of our surroundings while enjoying music, enhancing safety during outdoor activities.
With decades of expertise in acoustic technology, NANK has consistently led innovation in headphone design. From traditional in-ear models to bone conduction headphones, and now to the latest open-back design, we've witnessed every transformation by NANK.

Overall Design of NANK OE-Mix

The NANK OE Mix boasts higher integration and a smaller footprint, coupled with suspended ear hooks and skin-friendly silicone materials, providing an airy wearing experience that prevents discomfort from heat buildup, ensuring long-term comfort. They don't block out external sounds, and the lightweight design, with each earpiece weighing only 0.21 ounces, ensures fatigue-free extended wear, making it extremely user-friendly for headphone enthusiasts.

Unlike many other manufacturers that settle for simplistic designs and overlook the comfort of ear hooks, NANK has employed resilient materials similar to those used in its bone conduction headphones, ensuring a snug fit.

In terms of aesthetics, the NANK OE Mix stands out from other headphones I've encountered. Its glossy accents exude a premium feel, with different effects under various lighting conditions, making it a stylish accessory.

Battery and Battery Life

This time, NANK has integrated a 400mAh lithium battery into the OE Mix, providing an additional 16 hours of battery life for two earpieces, on top of the earphones' own 8-hour battery life. With a total battery life of up to an astonishing 24 hours under light usage, it can last for a week on average.

Sound Quality

Moreover, NANK hasn't compromised on sound quality. The OE Mix features the innovative Super Bass 3.0 track-type high-performance sound units, with speaker sizes over 50% larger than traditional headphones, delivering richer music details and distinct sound layers. Additionally, to address sound leakage, NANK has equipped the OE Mix with DS directional audio delivery technology, automatically integrating sound beams to ensure precise transmission to the ear canal, effectively reducing sound leakage and safeguarding privacy.

Microphone Function

For communication, the OE Mix incorporates dual-mic ENC noise reduction technology, intelligently identifying, suppressing, and compensating for various environmental noises and wind interference, ensuring clear and seamless communication. Considering its price range, this feature is remarkably impressive.


In conclusion, as a pioneer in open-back headphones, Nank's latest OE Mix with stunning sound quality and long-lasting comfort, it effortlessly caters to daily activities such as sports and office commutes, allowing you to indulge in the pleasures brought by technology.


Q: In which scenarios are open-back headphones suitable for use?
A: The design of open-back headphones allows you to not only hear the sound from the headphones but also fully perceive ambient sounds. Therefore, these headphones are suitable for various activities or relatively quiet environments such as offices, classrooms, or rooms. If you intend to use them in noisy environments like subways, buses, or airplanes, we recommend opting for in-ear headphones with noise-canceling functionality.

Q: What accessories come with the headphones?
A: The package includes the headphone unit itself, a charging case, a Type-C charging cable, and an instruction manual.

Q: Are the headphones comfortable to wear?
A: Each headphone weighs only about 0.21 ounces, making them virtually imperceptible when worn. Additionally, the contact surfaces of the headphones and ears are made of elastic, skin-friendly silicone gel, ensuring comfortable wear for ears of various shapes and sizes.

Q: Can these headphones be worn with glasses?
A: Absolutely! The ear hook part of the headphones is designed to be very slim, so it won't be affected by wearing glasses.

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