[2024] In-Depth Overview of Bone Conduction Headphones For Swimming

[2024] In-Depth Overview of Bone Conduction Headphones For Swimming

Let's discover the latest technology, top-rated models, and expert insights to make an informed decision of swimming headphones. Whether you're a casual swimmer or a dedicated athlete, check this guide and find the perfect bone conduction headphones to enhance your aquatic workouts.


With the continuous advancement of technology, swimmers can now enjoy music underwater, experiencing the perfect blend of water ripples and melodies. Swimming bone conduction headphones have emerged as pioneers in this field, providing a richer experience for water-related activities through advanced technology and design.

About Bone Conduction Technology

The core of swimming bone conduction headphones lies in bone conduction technology. Unlike traditional headphones that directly transmit sound through the ears, bone conduction headphones use vibrations to convey sound to the auditory nerves, keeping the ears open and allowing users to maintain awareness of the surrounding environment while swimming.

Design of Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones

These headphones represent the current pinnacle of swimming audio solutions. Their sound production principle involves vibration and bone conduction, overcoming the challenge of sound transmission in water.

The design takes into consideration the unique nature of water activities, with lightweight structures that conform to the curvature of the head, ensuring stability during swimming. The open design enables swimmers to maintain awareness of their surroundings, enhancing safety.

Brand Recommendations and Comparison

Among numerous swimming bone conduction headphones, two standout products are the Nank Runner Diver2 and Shokz Openswim. Here is a detailed comparison:

Nank Runner Diver2:

  1. Waterproof Performance: Boasts a robust eight-level waterproof rating, ensuring outstanding performance when used underwater.

  1. Modes:

   - Bluetooth Mode: Allows convenient daily use through Bluetooth connectivity.

   - Memory Mode: Built-in 32GB memory, especially suitable for storing a vast music collection during swimming.

  1. Battery Life: Impressive 10-hour battery life, ideal for extended water activities.

  1. Fast Charging: Supports fast charging, ensuring minimal wait time before engaging in activities.

  1. Price: Priced at $149.99, offering high-level waterproof performance and rich features.

Shokz Openswim:

  1. Waterproof Performance: Similarly boasts a powerful eight-level waterproof rating, ensuring a reliable audio experience while swimming.

  1. Modes:

   - Memory Mode: Equipped with 4GB memory, sufficient for audio needs during swimming.

  1. Battery Life: 8 hours of battery life, suitable for shorter water activities.

  1. Price: Relatively budget-friendly, priced at $119.99, providing excellent value for money.

Comparative Analysis

  1. Memory Capacity: Nank Runner Diver2 surpasses Shokz Openswim with its 32GB memory, providing users with more significant storage space.

  1. Bluetooth Connectivity: Runner Diver2 supports Bluetooth mode, offering greater flexibility for everyday use, while Shokz Openswim focuses on memory mode.

  1. Battery Life: Runner Diver2's 10-hour battery life performs more durably during water activities, especially suitable for prolonged use.

  1. Price: While the price of Runner Diver2 is slightly higher, it offers satisfactory value for money considering its features and memory capacity.

In summary, if you prioritize larger memory capacity, Bluetooth connectivity, and longer battery life, Nank Runner Diver2 is a solid choice. On the other hand, if you aim for excellent waterproof performance within a relatively budget-friendly range, Shokz Openswim is a reliable option. The final choice should be based on individual preferences, usage scenarios, and budget considerations.

User Experience and Feedback

Users generally praise the excellent sound quality and waterproof performance of both headphones. Nank Runner Diver2's extensive memory capacity and long battery life receive acclaim, while the affordability of Shokz Openswim appeals to some users.

Runner Diver2:

Mitchell: Impressed

Amazon Customer: Improvement from Runner Pro2s, but...

Brett: Great for all activities

Shokz Openswim:

Andy: Painful if you pull your swim cap over your ears.

Lily: Only MP3 you will buy the OpenRun too

Screw: Great for pool swimming!

Precautions and Maintenance

- Ensure the headphones are securely installed before use.
- Clean using a soft cloth, avoiding the use of chemical cleansers.
- Store in a well-ventilated, dry place during extended periods of non-use.


Swimming bone conduction headphones, with their bone conduction technology, waterproof design, and unique memory and connectivity options, bring an unprecedented audio experience to water activities. Whether Nank Runner Diver2 or Shokz Openswim, both are ideal choices for swimmers. Users can select the one that best suits their preferences and budget, enhancing the joy of swimming by immersing themselves in music while feeling the beauty of nature.


Q1: What does it feel like to listen to music underwater? How is the sound quality?

Underwater, sound is entirely conducted through bones, emitted by vibrations. Therefore, the delicacy of sound quality takes a considerable hit. However, experiencing music in the quiet underwater environment is a marvelous sensation in itself and is worth trying!

Q2: Do swimming bone conduction earphones have a microphone?

Some models with Bluetooth capabilities, such as the Nank Runner Diver2, have a microphone. The microphone function can only be used in Bluetooth mode.

Q3: Are bone conduction swimming earphones compatible with swim caps and goggles?

A: Yes, due to their ear-hook design, bone conduction earphones are generally compatible with all swim caps and goggles.

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